Can You Rotate Buildings In Forge of Empires?

Are you struggling to fit all your buildings into your city in Forge of Empires. Brainwave. You can simply rotate them to squeeze them in, right? Now you just need to know how to do so. Oh, wait.

So, can you rotate buildings in Forge of Empires? You cannot rotate buildings in Forge of Empires. There is no functionality that enables you to do so. It also appears that there are no plans by development to get this feature introduced to the game.

A little frustrating, right?

It would have been so useful.

And you’re not the first, either.

In fact, if you head over to the Forge of Empires Forum, there are countless posts there asking about this particular functionality, requests for it to be added, and potential workarounds.

Sighs. Sighs heavily.

So what can you do instead?

How To Ensure Your Buildings Fit In Forge of Empires

Now we know you cannot rotate buildings, we need to get creative with how we layout our city.

That’s where reconstruction mode comes in:

Guide: Reconstruct Your City with Reconstruction Mode

This will allow you to move your city around, ensuring you can get everything to ‘fit’.

Now remember, your city is made of up square grids.

In the beginning, you will likely find the arrangement of buildings doesn’t particularly matter.

However, as you progress you’ll start to notice issues.

So you’ll either need to:

  • .Remove buildings
  • Prevent building certain buildings.
  • Reposition buildings.

It’s all about maximizing efficiency.

So here are some tips to try as a workaround to rotating buildings.

  • Do not place your Town Hall in the corner of your city, since all roads need to connect to it.
  • Align your buildings in columns and/or rows.
  • Put buildings with the same width alongside one another.
  • Keep roads straight.
  • Only use decorations to fill up empty space.
  • Sell decorations once you progress to the point that you no longer need them.
  • Sell buildings you no longer require to free up space, or replace them with more efficient equivalents.
  • Reduce the number of roads you have.
  • Place your widest buildings in the corners.
  • Try to have buildings either side of one road.

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