Forge of Empires Event Buildings For Forge Points Guide

In the early days of Forge of Empires, event buildings supplied mainly coins, supplies, medals and happiness. Only wishing wells could sometimes drop 2 Forge points.

Now, Event Buildings can be widely used for Forge points and we will be documenting this here today.

Event Buildings For Forge Points

The Easter Event 2014 brought for the first time an event building that delivered one Forge point daily: The Shrine of Knowledge.

For a long time this shrine was the most Forge Point-efficient building in the game.

The insider tip at that time was: Collect lots of Shrines of Knowledge in events and then use these Forge points to make faster progress.

A sensation in the Halloween Event 2015 was the laboratory of the mad scientist. Nicely animated, it delivered a Forge point every 8 hours.

After that the event buildings got better and better, to give players more and more incentives.

That’s why old event buildings are now inefficient and in today’s video we take a look at the event buildings of the years 2019 and 2020.

The discussion about which event building is really worthwhile is only relevant if the city’s space is not enough to build all event buildings.

As long as a player has space, it is never wrong to build an event building.

But at some point the luxury problem of having a lack of space begins.

More good buildings than space.

Other players are faced with the question of which buildings to hit at the antique dealer.

Today we would like to give all these players a clue for their decisions.

We only evaluate the Forge points.

Of course, combat bonuses are also important.

But new players should mainly look at the Forge Points for event buildings.

These primarily determine the speed of further development in research and great buildings. Combat bonuses will then become more important later.

The e2019 and 2020 events lists below, showing that the FP efficiency tends to increase from 0.35 Forge points/field to 0.5 Forge points/field during this time:


  • Bowl Event – 0.38
  • Carnival Event – 0.32
  • Spring Event– 0.31
  • Archeology Event– 0.42
  • Soccer Cup Event– 0.50
  • Summer Event– 0.51
  • Fall Event– 0.50
  • Halloween Event– 0.33
  • Winter Event– 0.38


  • Bowl Event– 0.40
  • St Patrick’s Day Event– 0.47
  • Spring Event 0.42
  • Archeology Event– 0.43
  • Soccer Cup Event– 0.50
  • Summer Event– 0.27
  • Fall Event– 0.35
  • Halloween Event– 0.50
  • Winter Event– 0.53

Sorting the buildings by their Forge-Point efficiency, some very popular buildings are, surprisingly for many players, a bit outdated.

We put them all on rank 10 of the list, because none of them is really bad.

The top 9 start with a Forge-Point Efficiency of 0.42 and it is not surprising that 6 of the top 9 event buildings are from 2020.

On rank 9 is the Mikawa Bridge from the spring event 2020.

This building was rarely chosen. The tenor was that it would be better to choose the building with the combat bonuses instead.

But new players are more helped by the Forge points at first. Therefore this building found its place in the top 10.

The Airship level 11 from the 2020 archaeology event ranks 8th.

9 Forge points on 21 tiles is an enormous increase compared to The Ship of the same size. In addition, there are goods for the player and the guild.

The St. Patrick’s Day event was hotly contested and not popular with everyone.

However, the main prize, the Celtic Set with 14 forge points daily, is rightly very popular and ranks 7th.

Only the facts that it is lootable and the required street connections cloud the joy of new players.

Ranked number 6 is the Flowerly Cottage from the fall event 2019.

With 6 forge points on 12 tiles we now reached an efficieny of 0.5.

Rank 5 goes to the House of the Demon.

It has the same efficiency and size as the Flowerly Cottage, but adds defense bonus for the attacking army on top.

Little attention is paid to the Altar of Athena from the Soccer Cup Event 2019. This statue provides only 3 Forge points. But with 2×3 size it is tiny.

Even in small towns you will always find a place for it. Therefore the Athena rightly occupies rank 4.

Beside this you can also pay attention to other efficient tiny buildings at the antique dealer, e g the Magnum Opus, as these help with only a single purchase.

With this we have already reached the absolute top group.

On rank 3 we see the Hippodrom.

We are still at an efficiency of 0.5, but it is ranked 3rd because of the many other advantages. Additional track pieces even improve the result.

The summer event 2019 had an outstanding event building.

The Crow’s Nest level 8 only gives 8 forge points plus a random bonus. In 40% of the collections that random bonus will be 12 forge points on top.

This brings this event building to a forge point efficiency of 0.51 which justifies rank 2.

And this event building also is available at the antiques dealer, although 8 purchases are required for the level 1 building and all upgrades.

In return you also get a small chance to receive 25 diamonds from it.

This puts the marzipan bakery on the Winter Event 2020 on rank one if all neighborhood bonuses are included in the calculation.

Such boundary conditions make the comparison a bit bumpy, but I deliberately wanted to set an example with this placement, because it was sometimes claimed that the bakeries are at best mediocre buildings.

We think the bakeries are far better than their reputation and therefore rightly placed so high.

Also we hope that the bakery placement bug of the beta server will be fixed on the player worlds.

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