Forge of Empires Aztecs Settlement [Part 3]

Welcome to our third and final installment of our Forge of Empires Settlement guide series.

In the first part of this small Aztec series, we showed that the primary goal at the beginning must be to get access to the small market in the nearby courtyard as quickly as possible in order to be able to play the mini-game 3 times a day.

In the second part, we explained the minigame in detail and gave some tips.

Today’s third and last part of the series is about the further development of the settlement until its completion.

With the many daily goods from the market, things are now moving much faster.

First of all, it is important to let the settlement grow further.

An approximately square footprint is generally preferable, but of course, it also plays a role where there are obstacles.

We pay up to 15 goods and then use the offers for the next good. The market already offers goods, which you cannot yet produce yourself. The faster you get expansions, the easier it will be.

Of course, you should continue to play the mini-game every day.

It’s important to always keep the quest series in mind.

We can’t suggest a fixed sequence for building, because everyone gets different goods from the market and the individual unlocks always require different numbers.

However, it would be unfavorable to tear down the stone carvers if the quest comes shortly after that you have to have 2 stone carvers.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on the quests here.

Don’t be afraid to demolish buildings to get ahead in the quest series. Even if you might have to build them up again afterward. It’s normal if you feel that things are progressing slowly in between. In the end, it goes really fast.

If you have the FoEHelper, you can easily get an overview of what is needed until the completion of the settlement: Goods and cocoa beans.

Everyone else has to do some mental arithmetic.

Due to our jobs, we often only had the opportunity to log in once a day.

With other settlements, it would have worked nevertheless. The Aztecs are more demanding.

Unfortunately, we missed the first deadline by one day. But if you log in more often, you will easily make it within the set first deadline. Activity is everything.

You can always remove an obstacle from time to time. Try to create one large, connected construction area without obstacles, not many small ones.

With 15 fields of floor space, the maximum expansion is then reached. More area is definitely not necessary.

The very last quest then requires to rebuild already demolished goods productions.

This takes time. Therefore you should start the last quest one day before the end of the deadline.

Then you are well in the race.

Good luck with your own settlement!

Remaining Questline

07: 195 diplomacy or 20 headdresses Quest
08: 2 Yaotegulhua Residences Quest
09: 280 diplomacy Quest
10: 2 Maize Farms Quest
11: 4 Dekorative Statues or 4 Ornamental Statues Quest
12: 480 Diplomacy or 30 Maize Quest
13: 1 Texcotzingo Quest
14: 595 Diplomacy Quest
15: 2 Stone Carvers Quest
16: 2 Pipiltin Paläste Quest
17: 855 diplomacy or 40 Stone Figures Quest
18: 1 Sun Stone Quest
19: 1 Great Tempel Quest 20: 3.000 Cacao Beans + 20 vegetables + 20 headdresses + 20 maize + 20 stone figures