Forge of Empires Winter Event 2020 [Event Guide]

The Forge of Empires Winter Event 2020 will start at the beginning of December. It follows the well-known pattern of previous years with one major innovation.

As usual we will collect winter stars again.

We will all have 20 immediately available at the start of the event. You will get another 10 for each login.

Since the first and the last of the 32 days are not complete, you can get 33 times the reward for logging in.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2020 Quest Series

As usual, the quest series of the event is divided into 38 rush quests that can be started immediately, plus another 32 daily quests, of which one more is added behind the rush quests every day.

Each of the rush quests is then rewarded with 10 Winter Stars. For the daily quests there are even 20 Winter Stars each.

The milestone for the 38th quest rewards us with another 170 winter stars.

You can also get Winter Stars through the incidents in and around the city.

The Winter Stars are then used to get presents.

When opening them you can sometimes get more Winter Stars. If you open the present with the shuffle symbol, you get a completely new set of presents.

With each present one immediately gets a small reward, whereby one of these presents always contains the daily special.

These daily specials are really good. Among them are also kits for the main prizes of previous years.

One package also contains an calendar kit. The first kit found on a day provides a key for the newly added calendar.

With this key the door of the current day can be opened. Each additional kit found on the same day provides two lockpicks and 10 stars. 10 lockpicks then allow you to open a door you missed.

Each opened door of the calendar contains an immediate reward.

We have not been able to open all the doors even approximately. If you seriously pursue this goal, you should definitely play the Daily Challenge every day.

This will result in 2 more lockpicks every day, so you can open another 6 doors.

In addition, you should of course try to find the key in the presents every day.

Our estimation is: Even with the daily challenges it is impossible to open all doors without the use of diamonds.

Most players will simply take the few doors with them that can be opened on the side. Presents are unpacked when the daily special is attractive.

Only a few particularly ambitious players are recommended not to focus on the best daily specials, but to unpack gifts every day to get as many keys as possible and in the end receive the extra prize for opening all the doors:

  • 2 winter bakery selection kits
  • 200 Forge points
  • Portrait of Bianca
  • 100 goods

Each opened gift also provides a matchbox, represented in the window by a single match.

If you use a matchbox, it contains 1 to 3 matches.

According to the number of matches, candles are lit and thus further houses of the Christmas settlement atmospherically illuminated. If all 20 buildings are lit, you will receive the indicated Grand Prize.

As usual, every second Grand Prize is an Upgrade Kit for the main prize of the event.

This year’s main prize is the Winter Bakery.

We had already presented this in the magazine.

There are 4 different Winter Bakeries in total.

The first question was: How many Christmas Bakeries do you get if you do not want to use diamonds?

We played through all the quests completely.

From the milestones of the long quest series, we got the first winter bakery at level 1 and an upgrade kit each at the end of quests 20, 55 and 70.

For lighting up the city we collected 1540 winter stars during the event plus a few more from the incidents around the city.

With this we were able to open 154 gifts and with an average of 2 matches per box we were able to light up about 300 houses.

This resulted in 15 main prizes, with every second main prize being an upgrade kit for the winter bakery. So every player can expect to build two fully developed winter bakeries without using diamonds.

These should then be built adjacent to each other. Only then they will receive the additional set bonus that makes the set really interesting. It is not absolutely necessary that the bakeries stand strictly side by side, staggered is also possible.

We then had 3 upgrade kits left.

With the use of 4,000 diamonds we bought more winter stars to open many more kits and light up more houses.

This was enough for another winter bakery level 1 and enough upgrade kits for its full expansion.

If you put one not fully developed winter bakery next to the other two, it doesn’t help them to unlock the second additional bonus. Only fully developed Winter Bakeries will help you achieve the additional bonus.

It was also asked whether the text ‘next to other bakeries’ should be taken literally, or whether the same bakeries also improve the set bonus. We also tried that.

Only different bakeries lead to a better bonus. So even though I ended up with 3 bakeries, each of them has only one additional bonus enabled.

At the end we would like to mention the reindeer sled, which will appear next to the antique dealer during the event.

This is not a conventional event reward, but a deal.

With each daily price you get a reindeer. Each reindeer unlocks a random item that is different for each player.

For the purchase price of 2,995 diamonds you can then buy the unlocked items.

Although you can already complete the trade with the first reindeer, it is strongly recommended to wait until the 9th reindeer.

Regardless of the number of reindeer, the same number of diamonds is always required. But with more reindeer you will get more items for the same price.

The offer is very attractive at this price. However, since this deal can only be made with diamonds, it will not be possible for all players.

But we are all comforted by the many small and big prizes of this event and so this will be a really good event again.