How To Donate To Guild Treasury In Forge of Empires

One of the most common questions that new players ask in Forge of Empires is how they can donate to the Guild Treasury. This guide will explain all that you need to know.

So, how do you donate to the Guild Treasury in Forge of Empires? To donate to the Guild Treasury, you first need to click the global icon in the bottom left hand of the playing screen. From there, open the guild tab and then the guild treasury. In the interface that opens, click the dropdown select the goods, the amount you want to donate and then send.

Let us know take a closer look at why you would want to donate goods to the guild.

What Does The Guild Treasury Do?

The Guild Treasury is a key component if you are taking part in GVG, otherwise there is little use in donating goods towards it.

As your guild conquers and expands its territory, goods cost will naturally rise for your next siege.

All players in your guild will usually need to contribute goods to pay for new army deployments and to unlock defense slots (6 of the 8 slots cost goods), and this is primarily where the guild treasury comes in.

When you attempt to place an army, you are first taken to the unlock screen, where you can access – and contribute to – your guild’s treasury.

Sometimes you need to donate jewelry, but you may also be required to donate iron, cloth, ebony and limestone.

These goods need to be paid for by the guild in order to unlock the next slot.

Buttons beside the good requirement show what you as a player are able to contribute: in this instance it would be 5 iron, or Diamonds to purchase the goods for your guild.

Guilds Treasury Goods Donate

Only when all required goods are available can the slot be unlocked.

Benefits Of Donating Goods To The Guild

Donating goods to your own guild is mostly done to fulfill quests in events.

GvG guilds need many goods for siege armies and additional defense armies when fighting on the GvG map.

Finally, guilds that participate in guild battlegrounds and want to build battleground buildings there also need goods.

Important: As much as the guild may cry out for goods, you should only donate goods that you really don’t need for your development. Because actually, a guild should cover its needs in a different way.

How Do I Donate To the Guild?

Two legendary buildings, the Observatory and especially the Arc deliver goods to the guild treasury with every collection.

With well-developed Great Buildings, this means more goods every day than you could produce reasonably.

So this is the best way to cover the guild’s need for goods.

In addition, there are buildings from rewards in events and guild battlegrounds, which deliver more goods to the guild treasury.

The problem with all these buildings is their age.

Event buildings can be left in an old age if needed. Unfortunately, you can’t move them back there. Great buildings are always based on the current age and either provide goods of that age or from Modern Era 3 ages back.

This is a problem for guilds whose members are almost all in the upper ages, but who, for example, urgently need goods for combat on the GvG map future.

Most of them cover such needs by trading the goods. Alternatively, you could build space-consuming production buildings or the guild could specifically recruit members in this age and quickly expand their Arc.

Benefits To Players Donating Goods To The Guild

Success in guild battlegrounds and GvG is beneficial for all members. That should be reason enough.

In addition, all donated goods, including the daily goods of the Arc, will give ranking points.

Apart from battles, collecting the Arc is the fastest way to move up in the ranking.


Donating goods to the Guild Treasury is an important part of Forge of Empires, especially if you are participating in GVG. Thankfully, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Just remember, You cannot take goods from the treasury. Once donated, you are unable to take them, nor anyone of your guildmates can.

So be sure if you do decide to go ahead.

Hopefully this guide has explained the steps, and the clicks you need to take, and why you would want to do so.