How To Get Diamonds In Forge of Empires [Production Strategies]

If you are wondering how to get diamonds in Forge of Empires, then this guide will give you some ideas as to how to acquire them.

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But if you want to know a little more about diamonds in Forge of Empires, and get a bit of background, this guide is more for you.

So let’s get right to it.

How To Get Diamonds In Forge of Empires

Nearly every Free2Play game has a premium currency. Selling this for real money pays the game. Many things in the game can only be achieved using this premium currency.

In Forge of Empires the premium currency are diamonds. Some Expansions, usually 2 per age/era can only be bought with diamonds. Beside that diamonds can make many things much easier in this game and speed up development significantly.

Players who don’t want to spend real money for this game also have one or another wish that requires diamonds. Thankfully Forge of Empires is a game that can really be played without spending money on it.

Indeed Forge of Empires has a lot of possibilities to earn diamonds by normal game play.

Some quests or provinces reward players with diamonds, Wishing Wells and Fountains of Youth give 50 diamonds every once in a while, and the most important source of diamonds is the guild expedition.

But there are moments in the game when you don’t have access to these possibilities or they are still not enough. How can a player get diamonds without paying for them?

We want to explain something before: Players buying diamonds can use them in all cities of the same account, not only in the city they possibly were bought for.

Those who know that fact once, can use it for their advantage. A player constructs a new city, uses it to produce diamonds there, and then uses the diamonds in the main city to accelerate development there.

There are different possibilities to do that. One approach with only little requirements regarding the invested time to play every day, but with a long time of preparation, is the wishing well city.

A player founds a second city on a different server using the same account. This city only develops slowly. It can either stay in Iron Age or move ages up.

This doesn’t make a difference. In events this players uses all possibilities to get wishing wells as long as they are available without using diamonds. These wishing wells are then placed in the city and collected every day.

Wishing Wells provide 50 diamonds with an average rate of 3 times per year. The city shown below these 50 diamonds with an average rate of more than once every week.

With every event more wishing wells are added and this makes the result getting better over time.

A completely different method which provides much more diamonds is the Iron Age battle city. It is the goal to have all great buildings with fighting bonus on level 10 to successfully complete level 4 of the guild expedition every week. Until such a city reaches that level it takes several months.

Of course this city will never advance to the next age as battles in the guild expedition get a bit more difficult with every age.

The automatic fight feature helps a lot, but it is still a lot of time needed every week to successfully complete 64 battles. In return you will receive an average of 207 diamonds per week.

While level 1 with an average of 7.5 diamonds per week only helps very little, this gets better with level 2 (17 diamonds per week) and level 3 (32.5 diamonds per week), finally reaching 150 diamonds per week for level 4.

Some weeks do not offer all opportunities to receive diamonds as some rewards then are replaced by other prizes. In this case the result for level 4 is only half as much.

The maximum of 625 diamonds per week is a more theoretical value, but it shows the potential of this method.

Those who don’t fear the long preparation time, have the possibility to use that second city as a mine for diamonds which then can be used in the main city.

But it should be fun for you to build a new city as it consumes a lot of time. Delivering newspapers and using the wages to buy diamonds would be more time efficient.

For most players it would be better to concentrate on only one city, instead of getting bogged down by many cities. But those who love to get back to where this game once started and love to found a new city can combine fun and profit.

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