How To Get Blueprints Fast In Forge of Empires [What To Do]

One of the common challenges a player faces in Forge of Empires is how to get Blueprints fast.

This guide describes our recommendations to solve this problem.

So, how do you get Blueprints fast in Forge of Empires? To do so you can either use diamonds or the guild strategy. Diamonds requires using this premium currency in exchange for blueprints. The guild strategy involves supporting other players in multiple guilds that you join and subsequently leave.

For the purpose of this guide, we want to outline a strategy that doesn’t involve diamonds. Sure its perhaps the quickest way, but it costs. Diamonds are premium currency so unless you have a way of getting them for free, you need another alternative.

Sometimes you see players who build great buildings very early. Is it really possible to build the statue of Zeus in the bronze age without using diamonds? Yes, it is.

Today we will explain how you can get many blueprints very fast with neither wasting forge points nor diamonds for this.

It starts with what you all know well.

Use the button ‘Aid’. First your own guild, then friends, and finally the neighbourhood.

Each time you help others you have a 2% chance to receive a blueprint. Sometimes this happens soon.

In other cases you have to wait long for it. And when you helped all these players you have to wait for the next day.

Next day? This is not for impatient people like us. We want our blueprints now!

We demonstrate this with a city in the German server Tuulech, which we founded earlier for the clip ‘quest loop’. At the moment this city only has nine blueprints. These came from the quest loops. We now want more!

To do that we have to say good bye to our guild. We look for another guild. This new guild should have as many members as possible. And even more important than this: They should have decided for ‘join’ instead of ‘apply’.

So we join a new guild. Their name is ‘Frei’. This means ‘free’. We again have 72 players to use the ‘Aid’ button. They will be happy to receive our support and we have 72 times the 2% chance receiving a blueprint. This happened with player 9. And with player 43 again. After helping the last player we leave the guild and seek another.

Let us see if the guild ‘Spaßvogel’, with their 27 members will bring as much fun to us. The more players we help, the more 2% chances to receive a blueprint we will have. It is the law of large numbers. Very large numbers!

We only decide for guilds with more than 10 members. Otherwise joining and leaving is too much work for the effect. Possibly you cannot be that strict on all servers. The real interesting guild of course have the setting applied. We do not like every guild name. But we came to help. So we accept to be ‘disturbed’ for a while.

Doing this we get nice information about these guilds. We join the guild ‘Franks’, a German region currently occupied by the Bavarians. Right after we join the guild ‘Bavarians’. We am not discriminating while helping.

‘Fun for free’ might sound like an invitation. But when we saw member 3 it no longer appeared positive. But we helped them all and then left.

As ‘Guild of Women’ we would not have wanted to add a player with a certain name. But that is not our problem. We came to help. Even if not purely unselfishly.

If you leave a guild you will have to wait 1 week before you can join the same guild again. If you do this with all available guilds in the first day, you will have to wait a week to do it again.

We are not doing harm to the guilds that we join and leave. It might look a bit strange in their logfiles, but each member received our support.

And there is another advantage for us: When we started doing this we had 51.565 coins earned by quest loops.

30 minutes later we have 71,085 coins. Not bad for a player in bronze age, right? But much more important are the 20 new blueprints – not counting doubles. How great is this?

Article and Video courtesy of FOE Hints

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