Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2020 [Event Guide & Tips]

We all know of the Forge of Empires Bowl Event already from the last two years and the basic concept remains the same for 2020. InnoGames only added some new features.

The market says that the Forge Bowl Event is the most successful event for InnoGames from a commercial point of view. Our assumption is that the event will end on the same day as the Super Bowl will happen – which is February 2nd, 2020. This will be the last full day in the event and it will then close in the morning of the next day. Calculated from this the start of the event must be January 14th, 2020.

Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2020

Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2020

We all will start the event with an initial stock of 200 balls. We will receive more balls for each login during the event. Sometimes the reward can be up to 100 balls. In this event, the daily login will be rewarded very well; so its a good idea to log in each day!

Additionally, the incidents in and around your city will give you more balls.

Then the 55 quests will provide 120 balls each for successful completion. This means you will have to complete an average of 2.5 quests per day. As usual you can find all quests on the FOE Fandom Events Page.

Regarding the difficulty of the quests there were no surprises on the beta server. Just keep up solving these quests and you will easily make progress.

For completing the 5th quest you will receive the first milestone reward, the Olympic Treasury.

Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2020 Olympic Treasury
Olympic Treasury

This building really has the right to wear that name. Upgraded to level 10 on a floor size of 4×5 tiles, it provides population, plus more happiness than population is added, many coins, some supplies, 25 goods of the current age of the building and 8 forge points. The final bonus if this great event building is completely new. It has up to 24% defense bonus for the attacking army. This will make the guild expedition a bit easier, reduce the number of lost units in gvg and have a huge impact on guild battlegrounds.

There is a number of interesting daily specials. Among them you will find the Grand Prize of the last year, the Colossus.


In our game, we already had one from last year and built another 2 of these during this event. Why we did this requires some explanation and you will understand this much better after having taken a look on the new elements of the integrated minigame of this event.

As in the previous years you pay with some of the collected balls for each move.

FOE Bowl Event Minigame

There are cheaper players and more expensive players. Without going into too much details, we can say that the cheapest player is the best choice if you want to receive as many Grand Prizes as possible.

More expensive players increase the progress and the chance to win a daily special, but the related costs grow faster than the related advantages.

Therefore simply use the cheapest player always.

Attention: The cheapest player is not always the player displayed at the bottom, but you will find him there very often.

Following this recommendation you will be able to build the Olympic Treasury on level 10 by the end of the Bowl Event.

There is a new feature in the minigame, the coaches.

FOE Bowl Event Coaches

Each coach provides a different bonus for each move.

The Standard Coach provides a 3% chance to double the reward, including the daily special. You will really receive 2 of these then.

The Progress Coach pushes the player another yard forward with each move.

The Special Coach provides a 5% better chance to win a daily special.

The League Coach doubles the number of league points which are necessary for reaching a specific league in the end and with that you will then receive more rewards on top.

This all sounds great and you will want to have all this. Indeed there is a possibility to get all advantages at the same time, but that this option is not free. With only 150 diamonds you can buy the best coach who combines all advantages.

But attention: If you hired a coach it will last 1 day only. The next day he will get fired and you would need to pay again or you end up with the Standard Coach.

At this point we break our own rule. If you follow FOE Tips, you know that we believe that nobody needs to spend much money in the game to be successful. We have always demonstrated possibilities to achieve everything in this game without spending money.

But this time we highly recommend to invest 150 diamonds, but only once, not every day. If you need strategies to get diamonds for free, click here. By completing level 4 of the guild expedition is a good way to acquire the required number of diamonds.

The recommended strategy is this: Log in every day, make the quests, collect the incidents, but do NOT move a single player in the minigame.

Wait until late in the event.

When you then see a great daily special, which was the Colossos in our case, then invest these 150 diamonds for the best coach.

Make all possible moves now using all advantages of that best coach.

In our case it was enough to build 2 more Colossus’.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that you cannot split your moves on different days to receive different daily specials and you cannot use daily specials which are offered at the very beginning of the event only.

However, you will be successful with this strategy and end up in the silver league which will provide even more rewards on top.

You will have a lot of fun and receive many rewards using our recommended strategy.

A completely new building, the Olympic Treasury, which is better than everything else before plus 2 times the Colossos or an equivalent number of other daily specials is more than impressive. InnoGames is spoiling us!

Article and Event Guide, courtesy of FOE Hints.

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