Top 10 Methods To Get Forge of Empires Diamonds

In this article, Forge of Empires Tips will discuss the best 10 methods to get Forge of Empires Diamonds.

but first,

What are Forge of Empires Diamonds?

Forge of Empires Diamonds are a “Premium” resource. So much so, that they are often bought through real money! We cant deny the fact that this will quickest way to progress as diamonds can be spent on pretty much anything; they really help us progress through the game. But we are here to offer an alternative, it is not the only way, Forge of Empires Tips will ensure that you do not have to spend real money.

So here are the 10 top methods to collect Forge of Empires Diamonds!

In no particular order, lets begin!

Method One: FREE Diamonds With the Forge of Empires Method!

Forge of Empires Tips have discovered an effective, simple and easy way to get Forge of Empires Free Diamonds without spending real money. This will instantly give you the competitive edge.

This is a fair, safe and legal way to get free diamonds. That’s right, this is how to earn Forge of Empires Free Diamonds without cheating or hacking.

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Method Two : The Continent Map

You can`t advance in the game without acquiring new sectors and provinces, so there`s a guaranteed chance to get some diamonds as rewards on the continent map. Just keep fighting!

Method Three:  Quests

Sometimes in FOE, the advisers can get annoying by offering dull or boring quests with unneeded resources as rewards, but be alert – from time to time you will find diamonds as rewards from quests. So don`t miss out those hidden rewards!

Method Four:  Special Events

Almost in every special event game, the developers include diamonds as a reward. This is a great chance to increase your reserves, so be on a lookout for quests and prizes that offer this incentive as a reward.

And here`s a great tip for getting more diamonds with quests – the great Chateau Frontenac. It`s reward boost gives you more coins, supplies, medals and, of course, diamonds. Consider this as a great addition to your great building collection.

Method Five:  Reaching a New Age or Era

This is another way that InnoGames thank players. From time to time, when reaching a new age or era, you will receive diamonds to celebrate your progress

Method Six:  Wishing Well.

This is the only building in the game that can give you diamonds, and thus, this is a very important tip. Every 24 hours, Wishing Wells produce game resources like goods, medals, coins, supplies, forge points and diamonds. The only real shame here is that Wishing Wells don`t provide these often. This is the reason why many advanced players have a lot of wishing wells in their cities. I mean – A LOT!

Method Seven:  Buying Forge of Empires Diamonds

This is the primary way to get diamonds. It’s also the quickest. The problem is – you have to pay with real money. If you decide to use this method, locate the icon in the top right corner.

You can choose to buy as many as you require. The more you buy, the cheaper they are.
There are 4 different payment methods: PayPal, credit card, wire transfer or payment via phone.

If you choose wire transfer, you will find all the details needed to make the transaction.

When choosing credit card, you will have to fill in information about your card. There is no science behind this, so you should be able to manage it.

When choosing Paypal, you will be redirected to PayPal to sign into your account and to approve the transaction.

Method Eight: Invite Friends

Next to the right of your guildmates, you will see a diamond icon labeled neighbors and friends. Here we have 3 option and ways to invite new players:

  • through Facebook,
  • e-mail or
  • by using a link.

You will receive the following number of diamonds when invited players reach certain stages and ages in the game:

Iron Age: 50,

Early Middle Ages : 100,

Late Middle Ages: 250

Progressive Era: 750 and

Contemporary Era:  1000.

When using Facebook, you will be offered the opportunity to make a post on your timeline. This is a simple and fast way.
If you want to send a direct message to your friend(s) by using an e-mail, type your friends name, e-mail address, your name and invite message.

Or you can use a link. Just copy it and post it anywhere you want, for example, tweet about it! Or you can send this link directly to your friend.

But make sure not to spam. God damn spammers…

Method Nine: Guild Expeditions

If you`re in a guild and enjoy playing guild expeditions, you have a great chance to get diamonds from reward chests. They are placed in chests after each big checkpoint. The further in you are in expedition, the higher the rewards.

Method Ten: Farming

Diamond farming is a common way to increase your pile. Outside from your main city, you can build new cities in other worlds. Here, we advise that you share those collected with your other cities. For example, if you get diamonds in your secondary city, you can use them in your main city. In this case, wishing wells and Chateau Frontenac can become very lucrative.

If you have a lot of time to spare, you can build cities in all of the worlds and become the absolute master of diamonds!

So, you have now collected plenty’o diamond, now its time to spend them!

Forge of Empires Diamonds; How To Spend Them

Forge of Empires Diamonds can be spent on many different things, among them:

  • Double production (motivate) in a production building or a residential building. This cannot be done if the building is motivated, and costs 25 diamonds. This can be useful when producing a day of production, but usually that is a bad idea.
  • Scout a province immediately (you can’t pay diamonds to have the scout scout a province that you can’t otherwise access, though). This costs 50 diamonds.
  • Buying goods at a price of 5 diamonds each. (50 lumber would cost the same as 50 whale oil – 250 diamonds)
    Buying forge points – Unless you REALLY need forge points desperately, like to go up an entire rank in a great building construction before someone else does, this is not worth the 50 diamonds per forge point.
  • Paying for the coin or supply requirement of a technology. You then don’t have to pay coins/supplies to unlock the technology, and you can keep them instead. This costs 60 diamonds each, and is only really good for things like Industrialization, which costs 300,000 supplies.
  • Unlocking additional slots in Military Buildings (depending on the age, this varies between 30 and 120 diamonds)
  • Training military units instantly, for 50 diamonds. Generally this is not efficient use of diamonds, but there are exceptions: Rogues, Champions, and Military Drummers take longer than 4 hours to train.
  • Healing and reviving units. This costs 4 diamonds per hit point. Dead units can only be revived immediately after the battle they died in. Reviving units may be a good idea if the unit isn’t attached to a building.
  • Purchasing blueprints, for 200 diamonds each. This is much better than the 2:1 trade-in because you know what you’re going to get, and you can’t get duplicates. This is especially useful if you’re just looking for one last blueprint.
  • Purchasing an expansion for your city. The price for every expansion is listed in the expansion page . This is very useful since there are a finite number of expansions available through the exploration map and technology tree.
  • Purchasing special buildings in each age. These buildings are far superior to all similar buildings of that age; e.g.: the Theater in the Bronze Age gives 540 Happiness and can be bought as soon as you reach the Bronze Age, whereas the Tavern, which can be bought with resources (and provides most Happiness in Bronze Age after the Theater) only provides 280 and can only be bought at the very end of the Bronze Age.

On a final note – a warning. Be Careful! Hacking is commonplace and many YouTube Videos titled: ‘how to get diamonds in Forge of Empires’, or ‘Free Forge of Empires Diamonds’ will ask for your personal details or be other forms of hacking.

These people promise you infinite amount of coins, supplies and diamonds. This sounds great, but the truth is these people are scammers that use you to earn money, make you download spyware and other illegal software that can harm your computer and personal information. Never ever trust these people!

Even if these hacks were working, the game is made so that it is almost impossible to cheat without moderators noticing it. On top of that in some countries you can get sentenced with real jail time for hacking. It`s not worth it.

The idea of FOE is designed to enjoy the process, have fun and relax! Besides, with infinite amount of Forge of Empires diamonds the actual gaming experience becomes boring– at this point it`s pointless to play. Let`s keep Forge of Empires a hacker free place!

We hope you learned something new during this article and our YouTube Video. And if there is something you want me to make a video about, feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I’ve been playing for two months and I have received free diamonds a few times. Usually on the watch a video for a free chest thing near your friends tavern. It only ranges from 5-20 and doesn’t happen every time. For 10-30 seconds each time, I don’t mind at all. You get forge points, supplies, and coin too.

  2. Howdy Michael,
    Here’s a link to Cosmic Raven’s Guide to Heavy Questing:
    Sorry, can’t seem to copy/paste. Search for Cosmic Raven’s guide in FOE Forum. You will finf a lot of valuable info in guide. It should help you grow your city/cities. I get diamonds from my wishing wells, fountain of youths, and from quests in each era/age. Best of luck.

  3. You get 800 diamonds as a welcome back reward if you are a relatively advanced player and stop logging in for a week.

    I had arc, DT, AO, Cape, and a bunch of other future GBs in colonial age and stopped playing because just thought game was becoming tedious and boring. About seven days after just stopped opening the app at all I got an alert that said something like “You are an advanced account and we’d hate to see you go, here are 800 diamonds if you log back in”
    Went in and collected diamonds, I still don’t plan on playing again though.

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