Forge of Empires Temple of Relics

Have you heard about Forge of Empires Temple of Relics – the new great building in the game?

In this quick article, Forge of Empires Tips will discuss exactly what the Forge of Empires Temple of Relics are. If you prefer to listen rather than read, the video version of this transcript can be found here

What is the Forge of Empires Temple of Relics?

The Temple of Relics is based on ancient wisdom that you gathered during your Guild Expeditions. It holds knowledge of rare Relics that you might discover while exploring the Expedition Map.

Or in other words,

The Temple of Relics is a non-age great building with a passive boost called the Relic Hunt.

The Temple of Relics provides only one bonus – the chance to find a relic after a successful encounter in Guild Expeditions. If a relic is found there is an color icon in the top right corner in Guild Expeditions map.

It gives you a chance to get common, uncommon and rare relics on the guild expedition map.

Are there different types of Relics?

There are 3 types of relics found on the Guild Expeditions map. These are common, uncommon and rare. The word associated with the type of relic – common, uncommon, rare, in itself says what all that needs to be said, how often a relic can be spawned.

The higher your Temple of Relics is the higher the chance to obtain a relic after an encounter. Also there is a higher chance for the relic to be of a better quality.

  • Common relics are spawned most often, they include common resources like coins and supplies.
  • Uncommon relics are spawned less often, they include common resources like coins and supplies.
  • Rare relics are spawned rarely, they include precious event buildings. As this is a very new Great Building, you can only guess what kind of special event buildings can be found in rare relics. I would not mind a shrine of knowledge.

Examples of Common Relics (Silver)

  • Gate of the Sun God
  • Face of the Ancient
  • 5 Units of one type
  • 2 Blueprints
  • 25 Goods of one type
  • 20 Forge Points

Examples of Uncommon Relics (Gold)

  • Ritual Flame
  • Tribal Square
  • 200 Goods of one type
  • 10 Rogues
  • 100 Forge Point
  • Small Medals Package

Examples of Rare Relics (Gold)

  • Sacred Sky Watch
  • Terrace Farm
  • Fountain of Youth
  • One Up Kit
  • Store Building
  • Renovation Kit

You can get Blueprints for Temple of Relics as a reward on the Guild Expedition Map and by contributing to other player`s Temple of Relics.


You will need 6X6 free space, Iron Age goods and 50 forge points to raise it out of the mud.

By each level you will increase the chance to spawn a relic and spawn a rare relic.

The initial boost is 12% chance of spawning a relic, 1% chance of spawning a rare relic.

Keep in mind this Great Building’s boost works only on Guild Expedition Map! If you`re not playing guild expeditions, this building would make no sense to have, unless you’re a great building collector like we are at Forge of Empires Tips.

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