5 Methods To Level Up Great Buildings

Looking to learn the ways to level up your Forge of Empires Great Buildings? Look no further. We’re here to help.

We’ve created a top 5 Forge of Empires Great Buildings Leveling Guide which outlines the best methods to level them up!

This is the complete Forge of Empires Great Buildings Leveling Guide to help you to understand what is required to progress in FOE.

But first,

What Are Great Buildings In Forge of Empires?

Forge of Empires Great Buildings are unique – special in the sense that they are inspired by developments in world history, architecture and construction techniques.

Most importantly, Great Buildings are an essential component of Forge of Empires Gameplay – building them will provide powerful benefits to the player that decides to invest in them.

But there are limitations –  each Age provides only two Great Buildings (with the exception of Arctic Future).

Each building will provide its own unique bonus, graphic, but will require a certain amount of space to build.

Contrasting conventional buildings, these require only coins/supplies, Great Buildings have additional requirements.

These are goods and blueprints, and must be collected before the Great Building can be constructed.

Once the Great Building’s requirements have been met and the foundation has been laid, it will be begin at level 0 and must be “leveled” to level 1 before the player starts to receive any benefit.

For Great Buildings to gain levels, forge points must be invested into them. For each level gained, the inherent bonus of that Great Building increases as well as the rewards paid.

Once level 10 is reached, the Great Building will no longer advance until a full set of blueprints is traded.

At this point, a single level will be unlocked; this must be done for each level past 10.

How To Level Up Buildings In Forge Of Empires

Below are the 5 best methods to level up your Great Buildings. It will start with the least efficient and finish with the most efficient method.

The positives and negatives are considered along the way.

Method One: Wait For Forge Points

This is not an actual method on how to level up your Great Buildings, but if you choose this path, it`s easy, and it does not require any forge points to be spent.

What’s more, it is not time-consuming and you don`t need to plan ahead.

On the other hand, it will take ages for your Forge of Empires Great Buildings to level up.


  • Easy
  • Doesn`t require using Forge Points
  • It’s not time consuming
  • No need to plan ahead


  • Success is not guaranteed;

Method Two: Put Forge Points On Great Buildings.

This method is the 2nd least time-consuming.

You can put points into your Great Buildings as much and as often as you like. The added perk is that this will also open up free rewards spots for your guildmates.

The downside is that you never will get any rewards back for the spent Forge Points.


  • No wasted time
  • As much and often you like
  • Free reward spots for guildmates


  • No rewards

Method Three – Join A Great Building Club

A Great Building club is usually a group of 7 people within a guild exchanging 5 points per day to a specified Great Building.

This is a great way to get guaranteed points in your Great Buildings and blueprints from many Great Buildings, but when it comes to rewards it`s less likely to get the top reward spot as there are 5 other people donating the same amount of points and competing for the best reward spot.

Also if you`re going to be away from the game this method requires you to donate in advance.


  • A certain amount of points per week;
  • Chance to have rewards from many different Great Buildings;


  • Competition for best reward spots
  • Requires planning ahead

Method Four– Forge Point Chains Within A Guild Or Friend Group

The idea of this chain is to donate the same amount of points to the previous donator. Bigger guilds usually use this method as an alternative way for people to level up their Great Buildings.

This method allows you to donate points as much and often as you wish with members of this chain, you receive the same amount of points you spend.

This method is good if you are not online every day.

But in order to get some rewards back, you need to be active.

Also, you can`t plan ahead meaning you can`t donate 100 points at the time for the next couple of days in case you`re going to be away.


  • As much and often as you like
  • You receive as much as you give
  • No planning
  • Rewards from multiple Great Buildings


  • Harder to take best reward spot;
  • Can`t be planned many days ahead;

Method Five– Forge Point Exchange Buddy

This idea includes two players exchanging a certain amount of points to the specified Great Building.

I consider this method the most efficient way to level up your Great Buildings because most likely you`ll get the top reward spot on the Great Building you`re donating to.

As it includes only two players you can always pause the Exchange in case you`re going to be away for holidays or a vacation.

Also, you can have as many forge point Exchange buddies as you wish, so it increases the efficiency of your forge points.

This method allows you to plan ahead and donate in advance in case of your absence. If you have a long-term Forge Point Exchange buddy, you can adjust the amount of the points at any time.

I mostly use this method and have found it the most efficient way to upgrade your Great Buildings. It also opens free reward spots for your guildmates.


  • Top reward spot
  • Can be planned
  • Adjustable
  • Cheap reward spots for guilds


  • Not so much!

To give yourself a better chance you can advertise in global chat (but please don`t spam), invite lower age friends, and put a list of your current Great Buildings and their progress in your description.

When someone will hover over your name, a list of Great Buildings is more likely to attract someone to visit your city in search of blueprints.

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  1. Negative for method 5 is snipers that suddenly takes 1st, it is not so annoying if they do it early, but when you are close to getting it is worse. It would not be so bad for me if it is my GB but my partner will not like it since it will reduce his reward and maybe how fast he gets new levels unlocked

    • possibility of snipers exists w/ all methods. tho it hurts worse when you’ve got a lot on the line.

  2. There is 1 way to eliminate sniping but, you also you don’t reap the benefits of the GB until it’s placed back into service.

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