11 Quick Tips For Forge of Empires Blueprints

If you are wondering what a Forge of empires blueprint is, what it does and how to get them; then you’ve come to the right place!

This article follows our other Great Buildings article in our series: 5 Methods to Level up Great Buildings.

Lets Recap, What are Great Buildings and What does a Forge of Empires Blueprint Do?

Great Buildings are an essential component of Forge of Empires Gameplay – building them will provide powerful benefits to the player that decides to invest in them.

But there are limitations –  each Age provides only two Great Buildings (with the exception of Arctic Future).

Each building will provide its own unique bonus, graphic, but will require a certain amount of space to build.

Contrasting conventional buildings, these require only coins/supplies, Great Buildings have additional requirements.

These are goods and blueprints, and must be collected before the Great Building can be constructed.

Once the Great Building’s requirements have been met and the foundation has been laid, it will be begin at level 0 and must be “leveled” to level 1 before the player starts to receive any benefit.

For Great Buildings to gain levels, forge points must be invested into them. For each level gained, the inherent bonus of that Great Building increases as well as the rewards paid.

Once level 10 is reached, the Great Building will no longer advance until a full set of blueprints are traded.

At this point, a single level will be unlocked; this must be done for each level past 10.

Onto the Tips.

Want to be a master of Forge of Empires Great Buildings and have countless Blueprints? below we list the 11 best Forge of Empires Blueprint tips- become the best Blueprint hunter.

Read this article to the end and I`ll reveal the best Blueprint tip there is!

Tip One: Trading Duplicate Blueprints

Trade duplicate Blueprints from the same Great Building.

If you`re trying to build a new Great Building and you`re missing some Blueprints, trade all duplicate Blueprints to build it as fast as you can – trust me, it`s better to have the boost and bonus now, rather than collecting duplicate Blueprints.

Tip Two: Quests

Don`t ignore quests – sometimes they can give you some Blueprints and other valuable resources.

Tip Three: Buy Blueprints with Diamonds

If you`re desperate for the last Blueprint for a valuable Great Building, it`s ok to buy it.

The cost is 200 diamonds, though I would rather use them to unlock an expansion.

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Tip Four– Temple of Relics

If you have Temple of Relics, there`s a chance to get random Blueprint on the Guild Expedition map.

Tip Five– Special Events

Forge of Empires` special events give you the opportunity to get valuable Observatory blueprints.

Don`t miss this opportunity to gather a full set of Observatory Blueprints to boost your guild`s support pool and produce goods for the guild treasury.

Special events sometimes offer a chance to win Blueprints for random Great Buildings.

Tip Six– Special Events

Have you seen the avatar of a captain on the left side of the screen? Arghhzzzz…. Treasure hunt offers a chance to win a random blueprint when reaching the 2nd 4 hour chest.

You can hunt for treasures after unlocking cultivation in Bronze Age.

These two next tips are great early in the game.

Tip Seven– Joining Guilds Early

Before joining a guild where you`ll stay, you can join as many guilds as possible, aid all guild members and leave the guild to join the next one.

Remember to join only guilds where no application is required.  You can join guilds after researching smithery.

Tip Eight– Alter of Estia

This is a special event building that produces a random Blueprint every 2 days. It`s very valuable especially early in the game when every Blueprint counts. In addition it produces coins and gives population.

Ok, now we`re down to last 3 Blueprint tips that will make you the absolute master of Blueprint hunt.

Tip Nine– Use Your Allies.

Look around cities of your neighbors, friends and guild mates for cheap Blueprints. Usually those who donate to their own Great Buildings are the ones to watch.

Ask your guild mates to post information about Great Buildings near to level up with free reward spots. This will help you get crazy amount of Blueprints.

Tip Ten– Shrine of Inspiration

This Great Building from future era gives increased chance of getting blueprints when aiding. Initial level increases your chance of getting a Blueprint by 33%.

This boost increases to amazing 93% on 10th level. With a goods bonus every 24 hours this is an outstanding Great Building for Blueprint hunters!

Finally the curtain falls and the best method of hunting Blueprints is revealed!

Tip Eleven– Friend Requests

Try to invite and accept as many friend requests as possible and aid your friends daily, same applies to guild mates and neighbors – aid their cities daily.

This method combined with Rain Forest Project will give you all the blueprints you

So there you have it, you now know what a Forge of empires blueprint is, what it does and how to get them!

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