Definitive Great Buildings Guide

We’ve decided to write a definitive Guide for Forge of Empires Great Buildings. We’d like to provide you with our recommended strategies that we deploy with great success when progressing through the game.

In this guide, we are going to run through the Great Buildings that:

  • Are Useful
  • Are a Must Have
  • Should be avoided.

Here’s a quick tip right off the bat, do not invest too many forge points into the Oracle of Delphi; they can be better used for other Great Buildings.

In Forge of Empires you can categorize Great Buildings into 5 groups:

  1. Battle Support
  2. Product Support
  3. City Defense
  4. Population
  5. Others.

Battle Support

forge of empires great buildings

For collecting Blueprints, we recommend all players conduct Guild Hopping before you decide on a Guild. (a follow up article on this topic will follow shortly – so sign up to our Newsletter to be notified when this is published!)

A recommended goal for every FOE player, is to complete a full set of Blueprints for the Statue of Zeus, and then to build it.

Once this Great Building is completed, we suggest that you then join a Guild and play at least level 3 of the Guild Expedition on a weekly basis.

Investing Forge Points into the Statue of Zeus also makes sense if your progress in the Technology Tree is suffering.

The benefit is that through this investment, you will succeed in level 3 of the Guild Expedition every week. Nothing in Forge of Empires is as profitable as this!

As soon as the Statue of Zeus is placed, the next goal is to build the Cathedral of Aachen. You should collect the required blueprints via support chains of others members of your guild.

As soon as you have the necessary goods and blueprints to do so, build the Cathedral of Aachen immediately!

Do not wait until your Statue of Zeus reaches level 10; instead switch between both Great Buildings and always concentrate on the level that requires less Forge Points.

Get both great buildings – Statue of Zeus and Cathedral of Aachen up to level 10, but definitely not above! If you develop slower, because of investing in your Great Buildings, you will do well so long as you succeed in completing level 3 of the Guild Expedition every week without negotiating much.

When you have time to do so, build the Temple of Relics. Most players are already in the High Middle Ages when they are able to do so.

Initially, level one of the temple is definitely enough. If you have to pass on the Technology Tree, just invest your Forge Points into your Temple of Relics.

Besides this, this has no priority because in the Late Middle Ages, your goal will change to build the Castel De Monte 

Top Tip: We do not recommend that you exchange Forge Points for Goods. Instead you should make progress in the Technology Tree as each age delivers more expansions.

Your city has to grow and as such, you need a lot of space!

In the Colonial Age, you may want to stop for a while in the Technology Tree and also get Castel Del Monte to level 10. In this development pause, you can increase your stock of goods and supplies.

Your next big goal will be to reach the Progressive Era, to build the Alcatraz.

You should be able to complete level 4 of the Guild Expeditions every week at this stage. Only in the case of rare exceptions should you negotiate.

It takes until the Arctic Orangery (from the Arctic Future) and the Kraken (from the Oceanic Future) to improve your Troops strength further. Until these ages, only Event Buildings can add to the successful set of the Statue of Zeus, Cathedral of Aachen, Castel Del Monte and the Alcatraz.

Production Support

forge of empires great buildings

Production Great Buildings are those that support your economy.

The worst building is the Lighthouse of Alexandria; because every Forge Point you invest in this Great Building, will slow you down in your development. A lighthouse is not really required either to progress.

Those who complete the Guild Expeditions every week without negotiating, neither are short of goods nor supplies.

We also recommend that you do not build the Babel or Kolosseum Great Buildings. These are a waste of Forge Points, and are not required.

Instead, concentrate your investment in one good Great Building and increase its levels. This is a better approach to having many Great buildings all on level one.

Additionally, you are going to require a lot of space as a trader. If you like to trade, you will build more Good Products to negotiate through the Guild Expeditions.

Neither the Hagia Sophia or Frauenkirche of Dresden is worth spending Forge Points on.

The Royal Albert Hall is instead a much wiser Great Building Investment. This is available in the Industrial Age and will help you to move through the following ages far more easily.  Investing in level 5 of the Royal Albert Hall will prove very profitable.

City Defense

forge of empires great buildings

Having Saint Bails Cathedral and Deal Castle can be an effective strategy for City Defense. But, we recommend that you do not build these. They consume a lot of space in your city and they slow down your development significantly. You will lose occasionally to plunders, but this will be less expensive than constructing these two Great Buildings.


forge of empires great buildings

In the Contemporary Era, constructing the Innovation Tower is a fantastic option to reduce the required space for residential buildings significantly. After, there is no need to construct the Habitat.

In the Contemporary era, you should make the decision as to whether or not you want the Arc or Chateau Frontenac. Each will be more suitable to a different style of play.

For those players who make their way to the Contemporary Era and above, we warn of building the Gaea, Seed Vault or the Lotus Temple Great Buildings.

Additionally, we advise against investing in the Cape Caneveral, Dynamic Tower or Voyager V1. They’re just not profitable at all.


As there are so many options for Great Buildings in Forge of Empires, this article has provided our suggestions and recommendations which are proven to lead to success.

However, there are many other possible ways to be victorious in the game!

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  1. Great article. Would be useful to have a summary of the GB’s in the categories you described, i.e.
    – Are a Must Have
    – Are Useful
    – Should be avoided.
    Personally I like the Lighthouse and Tower of Babbel, mainly because they were available to me at the time I needed the boost they provided and I didn’t have a full set of blueprints for anything else. I found it hard to complete the GE as far as Level 3 and didn’t realise how beneficial it would be if I could. I guess your article could start with “before starting to plan your Great Buildings it’s important to recognise that the best way to gather the required blueprints is by completing the GE to at least level 3 every week.” Following this with tips on how to achieve it would be REALLY useful.

  2. I really disagree about the Cape. It is worth it, if you can get 1.9 contributors for all five spots. If you find a good guild, this should be doable. You can make back your investment in raising your Cape to level 60 in a year.

  3. agree with john, cape and sofia are worth if you can have a guild to help. they will give the pf back. sooner or later, if you do it fast you will see the investment back sooner.

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