Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2021 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2021 Guide! Here, we will be providing you with some recommended tips and strategies on how to approach it!

Since 2018, the Bowl event has been an integral part of the annual FoE event calendar.

It is expected that, as in previous years, the event will use the day of the Super Bowl, February 7th, 2021, as the last full day of the event. The event will end on the morning of February 8th 2021.

This can then be used to calculate the start date: Tuesday, January 19th, 2021.

Everyone starts the game with an initial stock of 200 footballs and then there are another 100 footballs each for the daily login.

Also the incidents in and around the city will occasionally bring more footballs.

Then there are 110 footballs for each of the 35 rush quests and 120 footballs for each of the 20 daily quests.

All quests can be found on the FOE fandom page. They are the usual tasks and easy to handle.

Milestone Rewards

For solving the 5th quest, you will receive the first milestone reward, the Terracotta Vineyard.

This interesting event building can be upgraded to level 8 with special upgrade kits.

At this highest level, it will then deliver a lot of population, depending on the age, much more happiness than population, coins and medals.

Furthermore 18 goods of the current age, 8 forge points and a permanent boost on all supply productions of 25%.

If the terracotta vineyard is motivated, it is protected from plundering. If you don’t want to rely on your neighbors for this, use a self-motivation kit.

Any number of fields can then be added to the terracotta vineyard. By attaching them, the pure decoration that provides happiness becomes an interesting event building with an extra bonus: 8% attack strength or 8% defense, each for the attacking army, 10 goods of the current age or 4 forge points.

These 4 fields are only available as daily specials in the current event.

There are also a number of other interesting daily specials, including the main prizes of previous years, Colossus and Olympic Treasury.

But also the Altar Garden and the Winners’ Plaza are among the daily specials. This makes the decision difficult.

Forge of Empires Bowl Event Daily Specials

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Bowl Event Players

As in previous years, each move is paid for with some of the collected footballs.

There are more expensive players and cheaper players.

If you always choose the most efficient player, it is guaranteed that you will be able to upgrade the terracotta vineyard to level 8 in the end.

In addition, players will then receive an average of 12 daily specials.

Without going into too much detail about this analysis: Often the cheapest player is the best choice.

More expensive players may bring a little more drive, but often cost more than they bring in addition.

So just decide for the cheapest player always.

Bowl Event Coaches

As in the previous year, there is a coach.

Depending on the coach you get a special advantage with every move.

  • The Standard Coach: offers a 3% chance to double the received reward for a move, thus if necessary also the daily special. Then you really get two!
  • The Progress Coach: pushes the selected player an additional yard per move.
  • The Special Coach gives a 5% increased chance to win the daily special. And the
  • League Coach doubles the league points, which count at the end for the success-based classification into the respective league, which is rewarded with extra rewards.

That all sounds good and actually you want to have it all. Actually, there is this possibility, but everyone already suspects it, not for free.

Attention: The chosen coach is fired after one day. Either you pay again or you have the standard coach again.

I recommend players to choose one of 2 strategies at the beginning of the event. Either you want to take the fields of the terracotta vineyard or you want to concentrate on a single daily special.

Forge of Empires Bowl Event Coaches

Game Strategy 1

Strategy 1: As many fields as possible

At first just do the quests and do as many as possible, as fast as possible. Do not make the Forge-Bowl mini-game.

Only if an interesting field or even the field selection kit is offered as a daily special, first use the free Special Coach and then use the footballs you have collected until then to get the coveted field as often as possible.

All fields came on beta exactly once plus twice the fields selection kit.

Therefore it can be assumed that this will also be the case on the player worlds, only probably on different days than on beta. So with this strategy it is important to check every day and strike on the right days.

Game Strategy 2

Strategy 2: Focus on a single daily special

For example, if you want to have a single field very often or want to build the Olympic Treasury, you can use your footballs on a single day.

This means that at least half of the event must be allowed to pass in order to accumulate enough footballs.

If the coveted daily special is then offered, this can be, for example, the Winners’ Plaza Kit, the Vineyard Selection Kit, the Colossus or the Olympic Treasury, pick the Ultimate Coach for 150 diamonds.

It only lasts for one day at this affordable price, so it is only worth it if you use as many footballs as possible on this one day.

That’s why we had emphasized to collect many footballs first.

The interesting daily specials like Colossos, Olympic Treasury or the Terracotta Fields Selection Kit each were offered twice on Beta as daily special.

When the desired daily special appears the second time you either have to use all your footballs, or go to another daily special or switch to strategy 1.

Especially those players who use a lot of footballs with the best coach have a realistic chance to finish the event in the Bronze League without using more diamonds.

Special Reward

By the way, we should mention the special reward. For the very first daily quest there is a completely new reward: the event surprise box.

This box can only be opened in the next event, the Saint Patrick’s Day Event, and then gives you an advantage in that event.

A unique event building at the highest level and a dozen daily specials are great rewards for a 3-weeks event. It’s fun and really gets the city moving.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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