Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2021 [Daily Specials!]

New players to Forge of Empires often are not aware of the daily specials and struggle to choose upon the best choice.

This guide here today is designed to help such players.

If you did want to check the rewards of the current event, you can find those in our Forge Bowl event guide.

Rogue Hideout Shrink Kit

This kit helps the players who have a rogue hideout standing in the city. With a shrink kit, the 2×3 rogue hideout becomes a small 2×2 rogue den. Since space is always an issue, this helps at least somewhat.

Athlete Living Quarters

This building from the 2018 Forge Bowl event provides some population, some city defense, a few coins, and 5 goods from the building’s age.

That’s not outstanding given the 3×4 footprint.

Only those who don’t already have significantly better buildings should build this one.

Everyone else sells it for 2,030 trade coins and 1-3 gems at the antique dealer.

The Arena of Victors also is from the 2018 Forge Bowl event and is a somewhat bulky production building with its 4×5 footprint. It provides either 2 Forge points per day or 5 goods of the building’s age every 8 hours.

Since space is an important issue in the lower ages, other daily specials are much more interesting.

The Sentinel Tower is a 1×1 building that adds a 2% defense bonus to the attacking army. It can be upgraded to level 2 with an upgrade kit and then provides a 4% defense bonus for the attacking army.

Defense bonus often is neglected compared to attack bonus and therefore most players need it.

However, you would need many of these towers to make a difference. New players should not prioritize this for now. Other buildings are definitely more important at the beginning.

Classical Garden Set

The Classical Garden Set consists of 3 buildings, which together grant interesting bonuses: Happiness, attack and defense bonus, goods, coins, and supplies.

Having a set with only 3 daily specials can be quite an interesting option for new players.

The renovation kit is required to upgrade older event buildings to the current age after advancing to a higher age. In most cases, these buildings then offer more advantages and may provide the goods of the new age. Basically, you can never have enough renovation kits.

The Colossus is one of the most attractive prizes of the event. The Colossus selection kit allows either the construction of a Colossus level 1 or the upgrade of an already constructed Colossus.

However, the Colossus has 10 levels and is only really worth it at the highest level. To do this, you have to collect the footballs for a long time in the event and then use them all on the day, when the colossus is offered as a daily special. Then it is realistic to have a colossus at the highest level out of nowhere.

The mass supply accelerator shortens all current supply productions by 6 hours. This can be quite nice, except I would NOT prioritize it as a new player.

The Winner’s Plaza gives players up to Late Middle Ages on a 3×3 footprint a 2% attack bonus to the attacking army.

Then in higher ages, provided with a renovation kit, the bonus improves slightly. However, it is not until the Space Age Mars that the often mentioned 6% bonus is reached.

Therefore, the Winner’s Plaza level 1 is not efficient in the lower ages.

However, there is an interesting possibility to upgrade it to level 2. This is also possible with the daily special.

Therefore, we recommend building the Winner’s Plaza only if it can be upgraded to level 2 as well.

The Pillar of Heroes was the main prize in the first Forge Bowl event in 2018, and it can be upgraded to level 7.

This is a very realistic goal and well within reach in this event if you keep your footballs together until that day. The Forge points, medals, and goods from this tower are highly coveted in low ages.

Olympic Treasury Kit

The Olympic Treasury was the main prize in last year’s Forge Bowl event. Upgraded to level 10, it is one of the best buildings in the game and very popular with players due to its defense bonus for the attacking army.

In addition, the building provides a lot of Forge points and goods. If you save up your footballs and use them all on a day like this, you can realistically expect to earn those 10 kits without any upfront effort.

This seems to me to be the most valuable daily special of this year’s Forge Bowl event.