Forge of Empires Starting Guide Part 13 [Events Part Two]

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of our Forge of Empires Starting Guides. Today, in part 13, we will be taking a look at Events, again!

In the previous guide, we demonstrated how easy it is to master the event quest series, especially in the lowest ages.

The tasks are particularly easy and go quickly.

In most cases, there are things to do that we would have done anyway in the course of developing the city.

You just have to do it at the right time and in the right order. It helps if you know all the quest tasks.

In the event, we strike the first time when there is the Altar Garden selection set as a daily special.

This allows us to build the Altar of Athena, a tiny building with 3 daily forge points, so it’s ideal for new players especially since you only need a few kits to complete it.

You have to look at each event to see which event building is best suited.

New players should only be concerned about getting as many Forge Points as possible.

As long as the Great Buildings Statue of Zeus, Cathedral of Aachen, and Castel del Monte are not already at level 10, you can achieve much more with Forge Points than with Event Buildings for combat bonuses.

The further you progress in the game, the more you will then pay attention to combat bonuses. In the beginning, however, the combat bonuses from the Great Buildings are the most important goal.

We use all the footballs I’ve collected so far in the event minigame, get some selection kits as a daily special, and then build 2 Altars of Athena.

5 battles can be won almost always in the guild expedition.

The event has provided numerous units that are now very useful. In the lowest ages, the computer has no combat bonuses in the first levels.

There the fights are not difficult. The only hurdles are the long production and healing times for the units. With the many unattached units from the event, we make very rapid progress in the guild expedition.

This not only brings more rewards but also fulfills the aforementioned tasks of the event quest series.

We also use unbound units without hesitation, which would be irretrievable if lost.

Heroes and color guards become more and more insignificant with higher ages. So better use them now and of course, don’t heal them with diamonds. Gone is gone.

You can see how the event gives us advantages in development and in the guild expedition and then we can use those advantages again to advance faster in the event.

And completing stage 1 of the guild expedition is again something that fulfills a task in the event questline.

With the remaining footballs, we then strike again as there are the selection kits for the fields offered as the daily special.

With the completion of the quest series,

We can then bring the terracotta farm to the highest level and add some fields.

The event buildings have thus almost tripled the daily forge point production to 70.

This is what we meant at the beginning when we emphasized that events are the best development accelerator for new players.