Forge of Empires St Patricks Day Event 2021 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires St Patricks Day Event 2021!

The St. Patrick’s Day event was added to the game last year and was extremely controversial. Some loved it, others hated it. Many were simply confused by the huge numbers.

First of all, the event is about collecting as many pots of gold as possible.

You start the event with an initial stock of 200 pots of gold. Then, with each daily log-in, you add another 100 pots of gold.

Each of the 35 immediate tasks offers a reward of 100 pots of gold.

We highly recommend completing as many quests as quickly as possible right at the start, because the gold pots will be needed very quickly.

In fact, we were able to complete the first 5 tasks right away, completely unprepared.

You can prepare yourself because the questline is listed on the FOE Fandom Page.

In this event it is more important than in other events to complete the Rush quests very quickly.

The 21 daily quests that follow even bring 150 gold pots each. The tasks are within the familiar framework and can be worked through quickly as usual.

They do not contain any surprising difficulties.

When you reach the milestone for the 20th quest, you’ll get an additional 750 gold pots, and for the 45th quest you’ll even get another 1,400 gold pots.

Finally, incidents in and around the city occasionally bring another 10, 20, 50 or even 100 pots of gold. This is especially helpful at the beginning of the event.

This means that active players can collect a total of 11,200 gold pots by logging in daily and completing the quest series.

It should already be revealed at this point: You have to start the event early and avoid mistakes, otherwise, you won’t be able to do it.

If you are unlucky in collecting the incidents and don’t play the mini-game super accurately, you will fail to bring the main prize to the highest level without using diamonds.

Playing precisely helps to get the last required upgrade kit as the Grand Prize. An email from InnoGames with some donated pots of gold might make it even easier.

The upgrade kit that might be missing then is in a box that you got in the previous Forge Bowl event, and it’s in the form of a selection kit that lets you choose between a level 1 building and an upgrade kit.

This additional upgrade kit can then be used to upgrade the event building to the highest level.

If you end up missing an upgrade kit because you don’t have that surprise box in your inventory, you’ll need 3,500 diamonds to buy an additional 3,900 pots of gold.

So with this event, it’s new that going beyond a single event contributes to success. And as the current event shows with a new surprise box, this approach will continue.

And the event building really has it all. The grand prize of this year’s St. Patrick Day event is the Druid Temple.

This 5×4 square building provides population, coins, goods from the building’s age, and an additional random reward, mostly in the form of Forge points or goods, occasionally medals, supplies, or coins instead.

With the upgrade to level 7, the coins as a possible additional reward are eliminated, which means that the other possible additional rewards will come correspondingly more often.

Forge of Empires St Patricks Day Event 2021

At the same time, the building provides an additional defense to attacking armies, the very bonus that most players have only developed far too little.

This makes battles easier, reduces casualties, and allows for higher attrition scores in guild battlegrounds.

The basic level 1 building comes as a milestone reward for completing the 5th quest. Two upgrades are then received for completing quests 35 and 56.

This gives you 3 out of a total of 10 prizes needed to get the building to level 10.

The hotly debated mini-game of this event is then the remaining procurement opportunity for further upgrades.

There you get tasks and for every 25 tasks completed you get a Grand Prize. The first, fourth and seventh Grand Prizes are then each an upgrade kit.

This seventh Grand Prize can be achieved absolutely reliably. Together with the two upgrade kits from the milestone rewards, you have a total of 5 upgrade kits at the end of the event.

When you complete a city in the game, you have the opportunity to open 6 boxes. Only if you really open all 6 crates, you will get a selection kit as an additional reward.

As mentioned, you can get an upgrade kit out of each selection kit.

The pots of gold collected in the game are enough for the necessary managers in the mini-game, and to purchase a complete set of crates a total of 3 times. Without using diamonds, buying a fourth crate set is often not possible.

This means that in the end you will have 3 selection kits in your inventory – plus just one from the surprise box of the previous event.

Building level 1, 4 selection kits and 5 upgrade kits then add up to a druid temple level 10.

Now, we mentioned that you have to play the mini-game, which is a bit confusing at first, extremely correctly in order to successfully complete enough cities.

Which tricks you can use to achieve this, we explain in the following guide of the St. Patrick Event minigame.

Click here to read our mini-game guide!