How To Plunder In Forge Of Empires [And Why You Would Want To]

Are you looking to plunder a player in Forge of Empires but don’t know how to do it? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll be explaining the exact steps you need to take, why you would want to do so and how to avoid being plundered yourself. So without further ado, lets get started!

So, how do you plunder in Forge of Empires? To plunder a player, you need to select the ‘Sabotage’ image after you have defeated them in battle. You can also click the lightning icon through the neighbors tab. You can plunder immediately once you defeat the player, or up to 24 hours after your attack.

And here is what that button looks like:

You really cant miss it!

But when you plunder is equally important.

Sometimes a player does not have a lot of useful items to plunder right away, for example.

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at why you should plunder and those tactics to keep your items safe from an enemies own plundering tactics!

Why Would You Want To Plunder?

You want to plunder your enemies to acquire their coins, supplies, goods, medals, and Forge Points; all of which will serve you greatly in the game.

Plundering is essentially stealing another players hard-earned items.

And its possible if you decided to attack them, and managed to successfully defeat them.

There are some rules though.

Only certain buildings – those that can be collected – can be plundered. And you are stealing the production from them,

So, great buildings, cultural buildings, decorations, and roads cannot be plundered.

At the same time, any buildings that have been motivated cannot be plundered.

Still, residential, production, and goods buildings that have completed production and are not motivated can be plundered for coins, supplies, goods, medals, or forge points.

If you do not like the look of what is currently available – you can come back later.

But you only have 24 hours to do so.

And in reality, there is no guarantee there will be better goods next time around!

How To Protect Yourself From Being Plundered?

Plundering can be an affective way to progress in Forge of Empires, but being on the other side of an attack and plundering attempt can be frustrating.

Thankfully, there are some tactics and ways of playing that can help minimize the chances of other players defeating your or even attempting a plunder altogether.

These are:

Collect Productions Promptly

By collecting your productions quickly after they have finished, there is little benefit to an enemy attacking and trying to plunder you.

What’s the point; they stand to receive very little.

Get Aid

A lot of buildings cannot be plundered when they are motivated.

So, ensuring you have a lot of friends and guildmates who can aid you is a great way to protect your buildings from plunder.

Aid The Attacker

Seems counter-intuitive, but works well.

If you aid the attacker, they may be able to forgo needing to plunder you altogether.

It also is a means of showing you are not a threat and this tends to go down well with other players.

Make Friends

Friends are unable to attack and plunder other friends.

So naturally, it makes sense you try to get as many players on your friend’s list as possible (although remember there is a maximum of 80 at any one time for this reason).

If they accept your friend request, you will be safe! Otherwise, there risk still remains.

Use Self-Aid Kits

These essentially enable you to motivate your buildings which have the same effect – prevent the possibility of plundering!

City Shields

City shields can be purchased in the Friends Tavern, and gives you 24 hours of protection.

You’ll need 8 seats unlocked in your tavern, however.

Nevertheless, a city shield is guaranteed protection from plundering.

Just be mindful though.

You can still be plundered with a city shield active, if the attack came before it was applied.

City shields need to be set up prior to any attack!

And thankfully city shields can be upgraded as follows:

  • 13 Chairs – 48 hour protection
  • 16 Chairs – 72 hour protection

Also consider shields are expensive; so cannot be used to often if you want to make any real progess.

They can be useful however.

Defense Army Strategy

Setting up a defense army is a great way to boost your chances of beating an attacker in battle.

By default, your defense army only has two spearman. So it needs upgrading.

One thing to consider with this approach is you may need to change your defense army from time to time.

Enemies can soon learn your setup and devise ways to overcome and defeat you if not.

Defense Boosting

Using special buildings. The Terracotta Army, Deal Castle and St Basils Cathedral are three such examples.

You can set up as many of these great buildings in your city as you like; just be mindful of the space you use, however.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower great building is designed to repel plunderers. So get one!

You’ll need to complete part of the questline however.

This does not completely stop plundering but it sure does help and will at the very least minimize successful plundering attempts.

You can also level it up to increase its effectiveness.

Ask Nicely

Worth a shot, but do not hold your breathe.

You can always ask an attacker not to plunder.

Of course, how you approach this is imperative – you do not want to spur them on.

At the same time, you need to be careful of what you say to avoid being reported.

So, perhaps try asking them nicely. It may work and is worth a try.


Plundering is a natural part of Forge of Empires.

Its great when you are on the offensive and taking other players’ hard-earned items.

Not so much when you are on the receiving end.

Thankfully, its relatively easy to do, and there are a number of strategies to prevent other players from making an attempt on your city!