Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2022 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2022 guide!

Halloween Event Overview

The Halloween event will start again at the end of October.

During the 22 days, there are 30 instant quests plus 21 daily quests.

In addition, there are mini-quests that can be activated via dolls, which are then found as part of the built-in mini-game.

The goal is to collect tickets for the Halloween tent in order to get more children into the tent with candles, flashlights, and lanterns.

These lanterns will then be used to clear the fog in the tent to find the prizes hidden inside.

At the start of the event, there will be 120 tickets. The next 50 tickets are given daily for logging in.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2022

Then each of the 30 quests in the main quest series will provide another 80 tickets, and the 21 daily quests that follow will provide 140 tickets each.

You can also buy tickets for diamonds.

Depending on the size of the purchased package, one pays from just under 4 up to 5 diamonds per ticket.

Of course, incidents in and around the city also provide tickets occasionally, mostly 5, or even 10 or 20 if you’re lucky.

Finally, you get 333 tickets for completing the milestone after quest 15 and 666 tickets as a milestone after solving quest 40.

Thus, the active player will receive more than 7,500 tickets during the event, plus the ones you get from the incidents and the mini-quests.

These tickets will then be used in the event window.

Halloween Event Mini Game

In the mini-game, a candle can illuminate a single square, a flashlight can clear entire columns, and the lantern then removes the fog all around all neighboring squares.

New in this year’s event is the orb, which shows all the hidden rewards by removing the darker fog fields.

It is useful when you want to use the other tools as efficiently as possible to get the rewards you want.

With these tools, you uncover light bulbs, dolls, portraits, and pumpkins.

There are new portraits, and furthermore, all the avatars known from the Halloween events of previous years can also be found.

This is ideal for players who started after that. You can only ever find avatars that you don’t already own.

In the beginning, you get 7 candles, 3 flashlights, and a lantern. More of these three illuminants can be exchanged for the tickets you get.

Since the biggest package offers the most for the price, it is recommended to always fall back on it.

Thus, for 395 tickets, you get a total of 20 candles, 8 flashlights, and 8 lanterns.

As you progress, it’s worth illuminating everything a little more carefully, as the goal is not only to collect the necessary number of bulbs but also to collect all the dolls, if possible.

Each doll allows you to start a mini-quest series, which provides further tickets. The dolls are obviously hidden multiple times in the maze, and accordingly, the mini-quest series can be completed multiple times.

However, some dolls seem to be rarer to find. It would be very helpful to get the additional reward associated with completing them.

Players who are thinking about whether it’s worth it to use a candle for each pumpkin or perhaps to forego it in favor of more light bulbs and dolls should take note that the friendlier the pumpkin looks, the better the chance of winning a good prize, including the daily special.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2022 Mini Game

On the beta server, one of the daily specials was directly on the first day of the event, the selection kit for the horror house, so the main prize from previous years.

On two days, there are fragments for the Daunting Tower.

After placing the tower in the city, it provides 50% attack bonus for the attacking army.

However, this effect vanishes after 24 hours, and the tower then only provides some happiness.

You have to decide for yourself if this is worth it.

Halloween Event Tips

If you want to complete the event in as little time as possible, you should first collect the dolls you find and then activate them all at once.

This gives you a whole series of additional quests in one fell swoop, but they are often the same.

For example, if one quest requires you to use 30 forge points, another requires you to use 45 forge points, and a third quest requires you to use 60 forge points, then the 60 forge points you use will complete all three quests.

This reduces the amount of time spent on each quest considerably.

Power players, on the other hand, will complete these mini-quest series very early and thus get a whole bunch of additional rewards, especially more illuminants to clear even more fog and thus get even more rewards.

The first 4 quests of each mini-questline give another 5 tickets each as a reward.

The fifth and last quest then offers a special prize, such as goods, blueprints, medals, supply production accelerator, attack bonus, and the mad scientist’s lab.

New players, in particular, really appreciate these little rewards.

Then, once all the mini-quests are completed, you get the collector’s rewards.

Besides Aura’s portrait, these are 30 candles, 10 flashlights, and 10 lanterns.

Especially for this it is worth completing all mini-quests once completely.

Once a day you can find a sticker for the calendar.

If you find another sticker on the same day, you will get only one sticker fragment.

You can combine 5 of these fragments into a complete sticker.

You can get more sticker fragments by completing the daily challenges.

For each sticker pasted into the calendar, you immediately get a small prize.

If you put all 21 stickers into the calendar, you will get the calendar collector reward: 2 upgrade kits of the main prize, the enchanted tree (5 x 20 forge points), 200 forge points, 100 goods, and the Morrigan avatar.

The bulbs you find are then displayed in a progress bar at the top of the event window.

For every 20 bulbs, you will receive the next Grand Prize.

Halloween Event Grand Prize

As usual, every other Grand Prize is a step towards the main prize of the event, which in this case is an upgrade kit for the Tarot Card Caravans.

You get the Level1 version of the Tarot Card Caravans for completing the 5th quest.

A first upgrade kit, then for completing the 30th quest, and another upgrade kit for completing all 51 quests of this event.

More upgrade kits are provided by the mini-game, as mentioned earlier, where every other Grand Prize is an upgrade kit respectively.

Although we were able to get into this event late on the beta server due to vacation, we got all of the required upgrade kits effortlessly.

Let’s hope this continues in the player’s worlds.

The Tarot Card Caravans is a building with a 5×4 footprint.

Upgraded to level 12, it provides population, coins, and negative happiness.

If you already have many event buildings in your city, you will certainly have more happiness than necessary.

But especially new players should pay attention to the fact that this negative happiness should possibly be compensated with culture buildings.

There is also a fragment for a kit to finish all productions immediately.

Most players measure the value of an event building only by the last two benefits: 10 daily forge points and, depending on the age, 19% to 22% attack bonus for the attacking army.


In the 2022 event calendar, this is the penultimate event. Surely no one would want to miss it.