Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 guide! If you are keen to take part in the event, keep reading until the end to ensure you have the best strategy to maximize your return from it!

The Winter Event 2022 will start on December 1st, 2022.

It is the last and longest event of the year and follows the familiar scheme of previous years [2018, 2019, 2020, 2021].

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 Screenshot 1

As usual, we collect winter stars again.

We have 20 immediately at the start of the event.

Another 10 stars you get every day for your first login.

Since the 32 days of the event span 33 calendar days, you can get the reward for logging in 33 times.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 Questline

The quest line of the event is divided, as usual, into 38 rush quests, which can be started immediately, plus another 32 daily quests, of which every day another one is added after the rush quests.

The first 38 quests are then rewarded with 5 Winter Stars each.

After that, there are 15 Winter Stars per quest.

The milestones for the 21st quest and the 54th quest reward us with 25 and 50 winter stars, respectively.


In addition, Winter Stars can also be obtained via incidents in and around the city.

The winter stars are then used to open gifts.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 Screenshot 2

When opening the gifts, you can sometimes get more winter stars.

If you open the gift with the shuffle icon, you get a completely new set of gifts.

With each gift, you get a small prize right away, with one gift containing the daily special.

These daily specials are quite something.

Among them are kits for the main prizes of previous years, i.e., the Winter Bakery, the Winter Canal, and the Winter Train.

One package also contains an Advent Calendar key.

Advent Calendar

The first key found on a day opens the door to the current day in the Advent Calendar.

Each additional key found on the same day provides a piece of a master key and 10 stars.

5 pieces of the master key then allow you to open a door that you missed.

Each opened door of the Advent calendar contains an instant prize there.

Again, kits for the Winter Bakery, the Winter Canal, and the Winter Train can be won.

Winter Event 2022 Strategy

At the previous Halloween event, there was also such a calendar.

There it was safe to complete the calendar without diamonds.

You can’t complete the Advent calendar in the Winter event without using diamonds.

Even completing all 32 Daily Challenges, each of which still yields a piece of the Master Key, is only enough to complete the calendar with luck.

That’s why we recommend players who cannot play on all 32 days: Just take the few doors that can be opened along the way.

Gifts are unwrapped when the daily special is attractive.

By the way, this daily special can be exchanged for another one once a day.

Only the particularly ambitious players are recommended not to concentrate on the best daily specials but to dedicate themselves to the goal of the complete Advent calendar.

For this, we recommend the following strategy:

The first quest provides only very few stars and thus makes the opening of the initially only a few possible gifts a pure game of chance: with a lot of luck, the calendar key is there, but mostly not.

For this reason, on the first 5 days of the winter event, only collect winter stars and really go full throttle with the quests.

Only from the 6th day open gifts in the mini-game because this only makes sense if you already have a certain stock of stars in your inventory.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 Screenshot 3

This necessarily means that you have to get the 5 times 5 fragments via the daily challenges in order to then still be able to open these little doors.

If you open gifts on one day, then always do until a key is found.

After that, stop immediately and then do it again the same way the following day.

Do not waste stars on collecting special daily specials. Every winter star counts. It will be more than tight.

The two milestones help to get the calendar key every day now.

Still, it takes a healthy dose of luck.

Sometimes it can take a long time to finally find a calendar key. The inevitable shuffling of gifts can make the search even more difficult.

Towards the end of the event, the winter stars become scarce again for some earlier, for others with more luck a little later.

This luck factor cannot be eliminated – with any strategy.

If the stock of winter stars falls below 150, it is better not to open any gifts on that day and then open the door via further fragments from daily challenges.

Even this strategy does not guarantee success but makes it relatively more likely.

For those who manage to complete the calendar, there is the Calendar Collector’s Reward, which includes, among other things, the last two upgrade kits of the main prize.

  • 2 chocolatery selection kits.
  • 1 nutcracker guardhouse.
  • Nicholas avatar.
  • 200 Forge points.
  • 300 goods.

Each opened gift also provides a box of matches, represented in the window by a single match.

If you use a box of matches, it will contain 1 to 3 matches.

According to the number of matches, candles are lit and thus, further houses of the Christmas settlement are atmospherically illuminated.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 Screenshot 4

If all 20 buildings are lit, you get the displayed Grand Prize.

As usual, every second Grand Prize is an upgrade kit for the main prize of the event.

In addition to the regular Grand Prizes, there is then a second, additional set of Grand Prizes, the Winter Prizes.

This is given to players who pay for it. After a late change, it can only be bought with real money, not with diamonds.

This year’s main prize is the chocolatery.

The term chocolatery is common in the industry, mostly denoting smaller businesses with noble manufacturing methods.

The Chocolatery is an event building that can initially be upgraded to level 10 with upgrade kits.

The 11th and final upgrade then allow the choice between Ketebo Candy and Ted’s Choc.

Both building variants offer bonuses for the attacking army, both attack bonuses, and defense bonuses.

Ketebo Candy offers more defense bonuses than attack bonus, and Ted’s Choc offers more attack bonuses than defense bonuses.

So by choosing the appropriate one, you can develop the attacking army specifically.

In the end, the elf gift should be mentioned briefly.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2022 Screenshot 5

Unlike the name would suggest, this is not a gift but a purchase offer.

With every daily special you get, you can choose one of two items. However, you only get this one when you pay 2,995 diamonds for it.

Although you can already complete the trade with the first elf gift, it is strongly recommended to wait until the 9th elf gift.

The same number of diamonds is always required regardless of the number of gifts.

However, with more elf gifts, you will then get more items for the same price.

Compared to what InnoGames usually charges for in-game purchases, the offer at this price is quite attractive.

However, since this deal can only be made with diamonds, it won’t be possible for all players.

And quite honestly, you can get by just fine without this extra price and save yourself the 30 euros for it.

But we are all comforted by the many small and big prizes of this event, and so this will be a really good event again.