Forge of Empires Winter Event 2019 [Event Guide]

If you are looking to take part in the Forge of Empires Winter Event for 2019, then you have come to the right place. We will be breaking down what you can expect having played this event on the BETA server.

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Forge of Empires Winter Event 2019

The Winter Event will start around December 5th, 2019. Santa Claus brings so many presents that he is not able to get them through the chimney. After 32 days a winter train will be in our city.

Just as last year we will have to collect winter stars. We will receive 20 with the start of the event. Another 10 will be rewarded for each login. As the first and the last day are incomplete calendar days, we will have 33 times the possibility to receive the login reward.

As usual the quest line is separated in 38 rush quests plus 32 daily quests, which are added behind the rush quests, one every day. Each of the quests gives a reward of 10 winter stars.

The milestone for the 20th quest gives us 50 more winter stars, and the milestone for quest 55 even 70 winter stars.

You can also receive winter stars from the incidents in and around the city.

The winter stars will then be used to open presents. When opening a package, more winter stars can be found. If you get the shuffle symbol from a present, you will receive a complete new set of presents. With each present a small gift is guaranteed and one of the presents contains the daily special. And these daily specials are really great. Among them you find the Sleigh Builder and the Winter Spire Selection Kit.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2019

On top you will receive with each present a ticket for the winter train. Each ticket lets the train move forward 1, 2 or 3 tiles. After every 20 tiles the train reaches a station and we receive a grand prize. As usual every second grand prize is an upgrade kit for the main prize of the event.

This year’s main prize is the winter train. On level 1 it is just a tiny steam engine. On higher levels the engine grows and receives tender. On level 9 you will then be able to decide between 3 different versions. The Charcoal Express has attack bonus, the Evergreen Express provides more daily forge points and the Sleighride Express gives more goods.

You can attach additional cars to that winter express which then do not require a street connection. The dining car has an attack bonus, the freight car provides 5 goods of the current age every day, and the sleeping car gives 2 forge points. The number of additional cars is limited only by the available space in your city. These cars can be won several times as daily specials.

This is already great, With this event InnoGames introduces something completely new.

The new feature is the Tactician’s Tower. It adds an attack bonus to the units defending the city. It can be upgraded to level 2 and for the very first time this gives players a perspective to successfully defend against plunderers if you have enough of these towers. This is a new era for those being harassed by plunderers.

Finally the reindeer Sleigh has to be mentioned. During the event it appears between the friends tavern and the antiques dealer. This is not a normal event reward, but a deal. With each daily special a reindeer is added to that sleigh.

Each reindeer enables a random item, which is different for each player. You can buy all the unlocked items for 2,995 diamonds. You would be able to accept that deal as soon as you receive the first reindeer, but it is highly recommended to wait until 9 reindeer’s released all 9 items.

The purchase price remains the same, but it is much better to get 9 items for that price instead of only 1. It is a really attractive offer. But as this offer can only be accepted using diamonds, it will be disliked by many players. Bit we will get spoiled by these many great presents, so that the Winter Event will be fun and profitable for everybody.

Article and Event Guide, courtesy of FOE Hints.

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