Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2019 [Event Guide]

Are you looking to take part in the Forge of Empires Halloween 2019 Event? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In our event guide we’ll be talking you through the event, what you can expect and what is involved.

The Halloween Event runs for 22 days, starting on the 15th October and finishing up on the 5th November 2019. Its a yearly event, and follows quite similarly to last years Halloween Event.

As such you can expect the Rush Quests (which you can do immediately) along with 22 Daily Quests. You’ll also have to complete some smaller quests which can be started via books that you can find in the library of the mini game.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2019

As to be expected with the Halloween Event, sweets have to be collected.

You will get 120 sweets automatically at the start of the event. A further 30 sweets are rewarded for each daily login.

The majority of sweets need to be obtained from the Questline which has been extended this year. It now includes additional tasks like bartering for objects at the Antiques Dealer. The first daily quest (Quest 31 on the Questline) is am example of this.

Other Quests involve the collection of incidents from inside and around your city. Quest 22 is an example of this.

Each quest that you manage to complete, you will get a reward of 50 sweets.

As always, you can find all quests on the FOE Fandom page.

Of course more sweets can be bought with diamonds and this is a faster way to collect them.

Depending on the size of the package, the price is between 4 and 5 diamonds per sweet. This appears to be quite high.

The incidents in and around your city will occasionally drop some sweets.

750 sweets are rewarded for completing milestones 15 and 40 of the Questline.

An active player will receive 4480 sweets during the event (logging in each day) plus those from incidents.

Sweets collected are used in the event window.

The mini game is the same as the one from the Archaeology Event. This time it is not sand (which has to be removed from relics) but webs from books and other items in an abandoned library.

You need use a wand to remove the web from a single tile.

With a broom stick you can clear complete columns and the cauldron cleans all tiles around the targeted tile.

By clearing the tiles you will discover Potions, Books, Portraits and Pumpkins.

Most of the portraits will be familiar from previous Halloween events.

At the start of the event you will automatically have 7 Wands, 3 Broomsticks and 1 Calderon.

You can trade your sweets for more of these tools. The biggest tool package gives the most tools for your sweets. Therefore you should always try to get this if possible.

If you do you will get 20 Wands, 8 Broomsticks and 8 Caldrons for 395 sweets.

Making progress in the library is important because you want to get as many potions as possible. You also want to find all books and as each book is available more than only once its a bit easier.

Players who think about leaving out some Pumpkins to maximize the number of potions or books should know that those pumpkins (looking more friendly) will provide a better chance to receive a great reward. This includes the daily special.

On the second day of the event, on the beta server, the daily special was the Black Tower. This was the grand prize of a previous Halloween event. It looks very impressive and its great that InnoGames offer such brilliant rewards through the events.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event Black Tower

There are even more buildings from previous events e.g. the Graveyard and its upgrade possibilities.

We highly recommend you collect books and wait a bit before you use them. You want to wait until you have the majority or all of the books. Then you can activate them all at once to unlock a lot of new quests.

Often these quests have exactly the same requirements so you can complete multiple quests at then same time.

So for example, if one quest wants you to use 34 Forge Points, a second 45 Forge Points and a 3rd quest 64 Forge Points then all three quests are completed by using 64 Forge Points.

This dramatically reduces the time needed to complete the quests.

The first 4 quests of each book provide 5 sweets each. The fifth and last reward of each book is very special like:

  • Jack-o’-Lantern
  • Chapel
  • Blueprints
  • Medals
  • Fragments of a Graveyard upgrade kit
  • Production Accelerators
  • Scarecrow
  • Haunted House
  • Laboratory of the Mad Scientist

Some players will say that these are many items to offer to the Antiques Dealer.

Others would complete the book several times for these rewards (if they are able to get the book often enough)

Preferences can be very different.

For completing the mini Questlines of all books you will be given the library reward. This is a Portrait, 30 Wands, 10 Broomsticks and 10 Cauldrons.

This is a good reason why you should complete the mini Questline.

The Potions Vials are displayed as a progress bar in the upper part of the event window.

For each 20 potion vials you get the next grand price.

As well known from other events, every second grand prize is a step towards the main prize of the event. This is an upgrade kit for the Abandoned Asylum this time.

You will receive the Abandoned Asylum as a level one building for completing the 5th quest.

Two upgrade kits are then granted for completing the milestone 30 and 52 which is a completion of the Questline.

As the Abandoned Asylum can be upgraded to level 9, 6 more upgrade kits are required from grand prizes.

This is a very realistic goal as one week before this event ends, we only needed one last upgrade kit to achieve this. Plus this final kit will be rewarded for completing the Questline.

The Abandoned Asylum is a building with a huge size of 5 x 5 tiles. It reduces the happiness of your population by 500 and provides a single inhabitant. But on level 9, you will have many more advantages like daily coins e.g. 65,000 coins are given in the Contemporary Era or more than 200,000 every day in Space on Mars.

Additionally, depending on your cities age, you’ll receive a 16-24% attack bonus for your Military Units.

It also provides 11 Forge points every day. This is of course a new record among the event buildings.

Overall this event was not only designed very well but you will also receive a lot of valuable rewards.

This is a great event in Forge of Empires for the Halloween season of the year!