Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2018

The Forge of Empires Halloween Event is a seasonal event that starts on October 23rd and it runs until November 06th.

This year, you can take part in 57 quests, and receive a lot of rewards for completing them. This includes winning Great Buildings like Graveyards, the Laboratory, the Haunted Tower and the Dark Doorway.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2018

The Quests are presented in the Halloween Interface Panel. This is a really valuable screen as you can see the Quests that offer alternative rewards and your related progress of each possibility.

From the Second Quest onward , you will have the ability to decide whether you want to Fight or to Negotiate. This is also a recurring theme during the Quest-line; and this option will be presented to you a further 11 times across a range of difficulty levels.

After the Fifth Quest, the milestone reward is the Haunted Tower (we already know this from last year!)

To improve the attractiveness of this building, all existing and new Haunted Towers receive an additional supply production bonus in the range of 5-8%. This is on top of the Happiness bonus.

Another component of the Quest-line is that you will engage in a number of Production Quests. This will occur a total of 13 times across the quest-line where you are asked to produce supplies.

3 of the Production Quests are actually optional, as you can choose to do something else instead if you so wish.

Only the Quests 18 and 44 will require Productions in Buildings of the current or the previous age. All others can be done in Blacksmith buildings; so we would recommend that you have 11 of them during the Halloween Event.

The Quests of the Halloween Event are quite similar to previous Holiday Events and are about as difficult and will require about the same amount of time and attention.

The Quests therefore can be completed pretty easily, in about half of the time of the Events duration (so around 4/5 days in total).

Even if you are not able to play that consistently, you should be able to get through the 57 Quests.

If you have played FOE for over a year, and took part in last years Halloween Event, you may have already won Graveyards and their related upgrades.

This year, however there are very different requirements and expectations. For example, this year you will not yet get a small Graveyard and an Upgrade.

Instead, you will receive Toolkits where you can choose between received a new small Graveyard and upgrading an existing Graveyard.

For example, in our game – we still had an Ancient Graveyard from the Post-Modern Era in our Inventory. We upgraded it twice.

After the first upgrade, it was not only a better Graveyard, but it also received an automatic renovation to our current Age. We therefore are now receiving the maximum we can achieve this year.

Ultimately the Quests are relatively simple to complete; only some long supply productions will increase the time it takes.

After completing Quest 31, you will receive the Laboratory of the Mad Scientist. This building was first available and received by players in the Halloween Event of 2015. This provided the first building that you could theoretically produce 3 Forge Points a day.

Since then, and as FOE has developed,  there are now other Great Buildings where you can obtain such rewards.

Not many players have therefore continued to use this building in their cities. As such, the building has been improved:

They now produce 50% more goods daily, and they also provide more coins and supplies.

This is a great building if you are a New Player.

If you are a Veteran, with a lot of Event Buildings, this may not be the case. This is because, there are a lot of other Great Buildings that you can choose from.

The Main reward of the Forge of Empires Halloween Event is the Dark Doorway.

Its good to receive a complete building again without the need to apply 6-9 upgrades to make it complete.

This Great Building is a Great Reward for completing this holiday Event; where you can get 3 Forge Points everyday!

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