Introducing Forge of Empires Cultural Settlements (In BETA)

InnoGames is soon to introduce a new feature to Forge of Empires; Cultural Settlements.

In recent times, InnoGames have focused heavily on updating the Future Ages of the game. But now, they are going to explore the past!

This will add to the history element of the game making it more complete.

As the developers were unable to squeeze in another culture at the end of the Future, they have decided to add a new feature that adds to those old cultures.

So essentially, Cultural Settlements is more of a feature on the side that you can do where you pursue those older cultures and help them build little settlements. Its entirely optional. However, you may be interested because it has some really cool rewards that you would want.

How is Cultural Settlements Going To Work?

Once the developers release the feature, you will be able to select the culture. For now it’s just the Vikings, but there will be more to come.

There will be  a Quest Giver from that culture who will ask you to help that culture and to build up a thriving village, so that they become self-sustainable.

If you successfully are able to build that village up you will get the cool rewards.

After, you will then be able to select another culture or the same one, even.

There are a series of rewards even for the same culture, so even if you played
the Vikings 10-15 times, you get something different every time.

So it even makes sense to repeat it.

There are also some unique mechanics in there, so that the building of the city is interesting every time; so the challenge will change dynamically.

Cultural Settlements begins the Vikings.

When Will The Vikings Culture Be Unlocked?

Everyone should know that the feature will be unlocked with the late Iron Age technologies, with Plowing.

So that’s right before you hit Early Middle Ages.

Usually when a player unlocks the feature they should be starting with the Early Middle Ages.

According to the developers, this time made the most sense to have the Vikings – as an accompany culture.

In the Early Middle Ages the Vikings were also a big culture, so it just made sense.

Other cultures will be unlocked as well in the future. They will be unlocked where it makes sense according to the timeline.

What Cultures Will Be Released?

InnoGames have announced that they will be releasing new cultures in the future.

Let’s say you’re done with the Vikings, you’ve got your cool rewards and you’re happy with them… What can you expect in the next culture?

After the Vikings, InnoGames are not certain what culture will be released.

It will largely depend on the feedback from us (the FOE community).

Depending on what we like to see, will depend on the mechanics for some of the newer cultures, so that they have something unique to them and they are played a bit differently.

In terms of Cultures, here are some of the current ideas:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Feudal Japan,
  • Polynesian Villages,

But this list isn’t confirmed nor agreed – its just the initial thoughts of the developers.

Mankind history is very rich, so there’s a lot to pull from.

When Is Cultural Settlements Going To Be Released?

This feature has just started on Beta.

The Beta test is going to take a while and longer than usual in comparison to previous things tested on the Beta.

This is due to the complexity of the feature; it took multiple weeks to build and is a very big addition to the game. The developers want to make sure that it works flawlessly and meets the high quality standard they set themselves.

So it needs an extended period of testing.

Also , finishing one settlement takes about 21 days, if you’re  a really active player, so they need the Beta testers to have the chance to finish them.

Ideally, twice or three times so that we can get that feedback on the balancing
and how the end rewards feel.

Once the quality is ready, Cultural Settlements will be released to the live worlds.

When is the Planned Go Live Date?

Like mentioned above, the developers need the feedback from the Beta community to ensure the quality, the balancing and to implement any improvements ahead of the formal release.

However, Cultural Settlements is expected to be released on the Live Worlds in very early 2019.

Its not too far away!

We hope in this article that we have been able to give you a bit of an overview of what is planned for Forge of Empires.

So, if you want to, access Beta and give the new feature a go.

Drop a comment below on your feedback on Cultural Settlements, your thoughts and your experiences. Let FOE Tips know what cultures you want to see!

Help make this feature great, the game great!

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    How about something like the movie Apocalypto

  2. It’s all good but, i just started the mini game, how am i supposed to build the buildings requested when i have no mean to get the good necessary to buy more land? Quest 4

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