Forge of Empires Arc – The Arc Great Building Guide

In this Forge of Empires Arc Guide, we would like to discuss this great building in further detail. We’d like to discuss what it is, how to get it and the rewards it gives you when you own it.

The Arc

“Built for scientific purposes, the gigantic Arc biosphere project offers a set of different ecosystems in a closed, self-regulated facility. Scientists from all around the world gather to contribute unique insights into our planet.”

Requiring a road connection to build, The Arc is a Great Building of the Future Age (14th age in Forge of Empires.)


The Arc is one of the most in-demand and desired Great Buildings for several reasons, but here are the main benefits and rewards that it provides if you own it:

It gives its owner an increase of contribution rewards when contributing to other players’ Great Buildings and provides the player with a quantity of each goods of the player’s current era for the Guild’s Treasury every 24 hours.

It’s important to remember, that buildings like the Arc, the Observatory, and the Atomium usually can release level 4 of the Guild Expedition every week without asking to donate the required goods.

Players with such buildings (Arc, the Observatory, and the Atomium) are very popular for Guilds.

The Observatory helps the guild only, whilst the Atomium provides some happiness to the owner.

The Arc instead provides huge advantages to its owner resulting from its second bonus – the increased contribution rewards.

Those who help other players with upgrading their great buildings can receive Forge Point Packages into their inventory as Contribution Rewards.

With an Arc at level 1, this bonus is increased by 10%. This is nice but does not really provide a true explanation as to why this great building is so popular amongst players.

At level 10, the bonus is 31%. This is an attractive bonus, but it can be exceeded at higher levels.

The big goal when owning an Arc is to level it u to level 80; where it provides a 90% bonus – this means you receive 1.9 times the normal contribution bonus.

Example given: being on top of the contributor’s list of an Alcatraz building reaching level 10 – you will receive more than 160 Forge Points as a bonus instead of the normal 85.

Leveling The Arc

Now many of you may be thinking that we have lost the plot, leveling an Arc to level 80?! This will require 189,021 Forge Points!  (Compared to the 24 Forge Points of the Town-hall – this requires 21.5 years).

Even with Forge Points from Event buildings or other Great Buildings) it is still an unrealistic goal isn’t it?

Indeed the first player reaching level 80 with his Arc must have felt like this, but you will notice that for more experienced players, there are many guilds that have multiple players owning an Arc on level 80 or above!

This will make it very easy for new players to do the same.

The upgrades up to level 10 are relatively simple – starting with level 11 you need to complete a set of blueprints for every new level.

For the next 50 levels, you will find that there is a huge demand for Arc blueprints.

Later such a player receives more blueprints than he ever can use.

During these upgrades, the best places in the contribution list are often given to players already owning an Arc level 80.

They donate 1.9 times the contribution bonus without receiving anything in return.

Until level 10, the necessary number of own Forge Points is growing. Above level 10 it is shrinking again with each level.

In a medium-range the Arc fills nearly automatically by contributors.

If a guild has at least three players with an Arc level 80, those players will just pay 1.9 times the bonus for the top three positions, and the Arc can be upgraded nearly immediately. The owner only needs very few Forge Points to do that.

In the region from level 30 to level 60, the Arc nearly expands itself.

Afterward the requested number of Forge Points grows again.

This is the reason why players leveling their Arc are focused on finding a Guild that already has several members with an Arc at level 80.

Then leveling up is simple and fast.

It also makes sense to concentrate on this goal first as upgrading all other great buildings following will be much faster thanks to the huge bonus you will receive.

This procedure means it will be a disadvantage if you are an inexperienced player in such guilds as you will invest in Forge Point exchange chains but never have the possibility to achieve a contributor bonus.

These bonuses are instead given to the big players with the 1.9 advantage.

Those who bring such a great building into a Forge Point trading chain cannibalize their smaller guild members.

The advantage goes to the player with the fast-growing great building – not to the supporter with the 1.9x bonus as he does not get many Forge Points on top, but medals and blueprints.

Both are not very interesting for him as at this point of the game he already has more than enough of both.

The Arc is the only great building where we understand that most players wants to own it well before The Future age when he can produce the required goods.

Getting an Arc in the Lower Ages

A high-level Arc has a quick return on investment. To get the goods required for building the Arc as a player in a lower age these can be traded via a Trade Chain.

In return for these very expensive goods the seller receives Forge Points.

You see a typical trade chain as an example.

  • First any hundred goods from the Bronze Age are traded for 200 biochemical data.
  • Afterwards these are traded for 400 superconductors.
  • These 400 superconductors are then are traded for 800 purified water.
  • Some of that water is traded for biochemical data.
  • Some of the bank chemical data is traded for Algae.
  • Some of these are traded for superconductors.
  • and finally some of these are traded for nano-particles.

When these individual trade steps are completed one after another, the buyer has all goods required for building the Arc.

Now the set of blueprints needs to be completed and then the great building can be started. But is this legal? Or is it against the game rules to make such a trade goods for Forge Points?

The Forge of Empires Game Rules do not contain a paragraph which might forbid such a trade, but the rules emphasize that push accounts are not allowed.

The algorithms implemented by InnoGames games to reveal such push accounts might overlook the corresponding goods part of the trade, and identify the buyer as a push account only created to donate Forge Points to another account.

This would be forbidden with the result that the buyers account would be blocked permanently and the pushed great building would be deleted. But we cannot recognize such a risk with a single trade over a short time.

The trade described above already has been done by many players before and we have never heard of a single case where FOE support flagged such a player.

There is no reason to advise against such a trade pointing to the game rules.

But you should be able to trust the seller – if he receives the Forge Points and then denies to deliver the goods there is nothing you can do. The support will not help in such a case.

Therefore I recommend to have such a trade with trusted players that you know well in your Guild.

And you need these players for upgrading your Arc anyway. Eventually you will want to help other players in the future in the same way that someone helped you.

In this way, it will be a benefit for all players.

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  1. I was considering 2 ways of leveling arc when it gets to lvl 30 until 70 or so. Do I let someone from outside take the great places or do I coordinate with guild members so they get 1st and maybe 2nd. I do think the first might be faster but the other method might benefit the guild members. Though it is not all up to me since I can not control if someone with a high level arc takes 1st or 2nd if I unlock it.
    Other GBs I want to control when to level, but that is not so important on arc as for other GBs like cape since leveling arc will likely give your guild more goods than you know what to do with

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