Forge of Empires Two Wave Battles

In this Forge of Empires Two Wave Battles Guide, we discuss exactly what they are and the tips and tricks that you need to be better at them. We will talk through some of the battles that we have been a part of in our own game-play to illustrate the key concepts.

Please note: this forms as a part of the Guild Expedition series, you can check our GVG guide out here.

So first of all before we get started.

What are Two Wave Battles?

These occur in FOE particularly inn the Guild Expedition.

Essentially, you have to face two waves of enemy units in a battle and have to overcome both to be triumphant.

So first you will be up against one group of opponents and, when you defeat them, using your surviving remaining and possibly wounded units, you will have to fight against a second group.

This is often a deterrent for many players for playing the Guild Expedition.

So in this article, we would like to provide you with the tactics and demonstrate what will help you, besides higher fighting bonuses.

So without further ado, the following hints will help you to really master two wave battles.

They will help those of you who especially, who have at least as many bonuses as the opponent. Otherwise you may be better of negotiating.

Two Wave Battles – Gameplay

Let us start with a simple example from our own game play.

Let’s say that you are in battle at the first bigger platform level 2 of the Guild Expedition in the Progressive Era, but this example can be seen to most other ages.

While on level 1, the first group always has less than 8 units. We now encounter a complete group in wave 1.

The key to success is the correct team setup. As we see we mainly get opponents from the previous age. There’s no unit which can really can hurt tanks.

This is a reason why we decide for tanks and artillery as these units will defeat the opponent before they reach.

The goal is always to survive wave one without occurring many losses – you can then win in wave two because you will simply have more units.

In our fight, our tanks have to eliminate the opponent’s first units – the armored cars as these are the danger for our artillery. With the remaining units we then will not have problems.

Our first goal is to achieve no, or minimal losses.

In our battle it was simple because we used units that the opponent had no bonuses against.

This always should be an important aspect when deciding your dream team and pulling together the right units for your battles.

Let us take this a step further and look at the second big platform on level 2 of the Guild Expedition.

First, I think about the correct counter units for the first fight.

  • Tank against snipers,
  • Sniper against conscript,
  • Conscript against howitzer
  • Armored cars against artillery

For the second fight this looks pretty much the same:

  • Tanks against snipers
  • Snipers against rangers
  • Armored car against artillery

Indeed a team consisting of two tanks, two snipers , two armored cars and two conscripts would be successful here. But we have a personal preference to use snipers against artillery.

Do not overestimate Howitzers from the previous age, and we always advise not to send fast units to the opponent alone.

Therefore we usually pick more snipers, and disregard both conscripts and fast units.

In phase one of the fight, we like to keep our units out of the enemy’s fire.

In phase two, we use the terrain (forests) to protect our snipers. That way, we pass wave one without losses. That is a great prerequisite and advantage to having a strong army against wave Two.

The second wave will therefore be a lot more manageable. Even if we lose a sniper for example, which probably could have been avoided, we are still happy with the result.

In our battle it was so easy to win because the special abilities of our units (protection from the forest) and long-distance shots of our snipers was superior.

The fourth big platform at level two sends eight units in both waves.

In the second fight most units are from a previous age, but this is only easy if they do not outnumber your units.

So our dream team always has the possibility to have minimal losses if we set it up correctly. Tanks can take a lot of damage, our snipers are tough if the map has enough forests which they can use for protection. The huge range can be used from these protected locations.

Unfortunately, you will find that sometimes you will get a map without forests. In such cases don’t ignore the option to resign and to start again with the same team.

Remember, the map is always picked randomly from a number of possible Maps – so the chances that you get a better map next time are actually quite high.

In a map that is not favorable to your units, the fights will probably unfold as expected. So for example, in a fight where you have snipers, but there is no forest, our snipers do not have the protection and we lose one of them. Depending on how many you lose will form the basis of your chances for wave two. If you lose only one sniper,  you should be ok for Phase two.

In our battle, we decided to not use much variety in our team, nor the ideal counter units. Instead we hoped for a map matching our team’s requirements that would enable us to survive wave one without losses and to dominate wave two because our units are from higher age compared to most of the opponents units.

We again want to emphasize the possibility of getting a bad map. It is a valid option to build a team which only can succeed on a good map.

Always cancel the fight if the map is not what you expected nor beneficial. An example – you could use a lot of artillery hoping that the map might make the opponent’s distance much longer.

We usually hope to have a lot of forests for our snipers, trenches for our conscripts and planes for our fast units etc.

Forge of Empires Two Wave Battles

When the map is first revealed, we then first decide if it is what our units will thrive in. That consumes one attempt but reproducing units might waste more time.

You can’t see our map from our 48th battle, but it was really bad for our tanks. They were unable to reach the opponent.

After heavy losses against wave one, it was clear that we was setting up for a complete failure against wave two.

So, using our tips in the 48th fight (last fight at level 3 of the guild expedition) this is what unfolded.

We pick a team that included tanks because take a lot of damage, snipers to use their range from forests and artillery to lend strikes from a huge distance.

After the start of the fight, we first checked if the map was good for us. We have forests for snipers and there are many obstacles on the map that make it difficult for the opponent’s fast units to reach us immediately which is an advantage for our artillery.

This map should be an advantage for us.

Our tanks use the specific strengths against the opponent’s armored cars. Our snipers find protection in the forests, the artillery from the progressive era uses their bonuses against both fast and heavy units.

The opponent’s artillery was destroyed very quickly from our snipers even though they did not have a specific bonus against artillery and artillery can dig themselves.

After winning against wave one, we acknowledged that the second tank was damaged a bit – but this was an acceptable result and gave us enough to win in wave 2.

At the beginning, we kept our units out of the opponent’s range – especially as there was not the possibility to hide our snipers.

Ultimately, with the correct team, and the correct map and terrain every battle is so much easier. Please drop some comments below and outline your two wave battles, what you did and how you manage to win in them.

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