Forge of Empires Oracle Of Delphi [Great Building Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Oracle Of Delphi Great Buildings Guide!

According to Greek mythology, Zeus had two eagles fly from each end of the world and they met in Delphi.

Since then, this place was considered the center of the world and the ancient Greeks sought advice here once a month.

In Forge of Empires, it is the first great building, to be constructed as a part of the early story quest line which also provides all 9 blueprints and there are no construction costs.

Thoughts On The Oracle Of Delphi

This great building has 2 major advantages:

  • Happiness: provides happiness
  • Supply Production: produces supplies every 24 hours

To enable the supply production, the Oracle of Delphi must be connected to a street.

As for all great buildings a single lane is sufficient.

With its 3×3 footprint, the Oracle of Delphi is one of the smallest great buildings in Forge of Empires.

Even small cities will have the required space to place it.

Also, the necessary 20 Forge points are provided by the quest line.

However, it is even better if you are already in a guild at this time and two players with a high-level arc provide the required forge points.

Then the 20 Forge Points can be used for your own faster development.

The two sponsors get their investment back through contribution rewards.

As a result, this great building is absolutely free for the player.

An old saying is “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”.

But there are even better reasons to build it besides the fact that it is free and it is required by the story questline.

Benefits Of The Oracle Of Delphi

Supply Production

Produces supplies every 24 hours

A young city always needs supplies.

550 supplies per day at level 1 doesn’t sound much, but in the Bronze Age this great building makes the gameplay much easier.

Already for this supply production alone players in the very beginning of this game would construct the Oracle of Delphi.


Happiness: provides happiness

In the early game happiness always is something a player should pay attention to.

Lacking happiness will reduce all productions to 50% and slow down the development of the city significantly.

Making the population enthusiastic instead will give an additional boost of 20% which is very helpful.

At level 1 the Oracle of Delphi provides 300 happiness which is approximately the same that cultural buildings of that age would provide if they had the same size.

Therefore happiness alone would already be a good reason to build that free great building.


While level 1 of the Oracle of Delphi is helpful in the Bronze Age, it gets worse when the player advances in the ages.

Now players could assume that this could be compensated by leveling up this great building.

Let us have a look at this together.

At level 80, it provides 4,809 happiness.

Players with great buildings level 80 usually are in advanced ages.

The Sky Taxi (Space Age Venus) provides a full 27,620 happiness on a 5×5 floor size.

However, players in high ages don’t need happiness anyway, as the event buildings earned by then provide more than enough.

In addition, a level 80 oracle also provides 94,046 supplies every day.

My level 47 Himeji Castle provides 1.6 million supplies daily.

A floating garden provides 13,830 supplies every hour. And there is usually no shortage of supplies in high ages either.

Therefore, latest when you reach Colonial Age you will start to think about demolishing the Oracle of Delphi.

Players always need space and then you have new buildings using that space much more efficiently.

As a result, do not invest more than the initial 20 Forge Points into the Oracle of Delphi as the deconstruction will let all the Forge Points be wasted then.

The only reason to keep the Oracle of Delphi even in the late game is that it is looking great. For some players this is enough already.

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