Forge of Empires Statue Of Zeus [Great Building Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Statue Of Zeus Great Buildings Guide!

The Statue of Zeus was constructed around 450 before Christ as part of the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, Greece.

The height of 12.4m, the realistic design, and the materials used, besides precious stones mainly ebony and ivory, impressed people so much that it became part of the 7 world wonders.

In Forge of Empires, it would be possible to play as a peaceful tradesperson, but most players will fight.

As a fighter, this building is a must-have.

How To Get The Statue of Zeus In Forge of Empires

The usual way to get the required 9 blueprints is to polish or motivate Bronze Age buildings of other players.

Whenever you help such a building there is a 2% chance of getting a Bronze Age blueprint.

Statistically seen, then every second blueprint is one of the Statue of Zeus.

You can also receive these blueprints as contribution rewards when donating to other player’s Statue of Zeus.

To place the construction site of this building, Bronze Age goods are needed. Then the construction site can be completed to a great building by adding 40 forge points.

Being in a guild you usually will find 2 guild members to contribute 10 forge points each, so you only need to add the remaining 20 forge points to finish the construction.

You will want to level this building up to level 10 as soon as possible.

Only forge points from either yourself or from other players are needed to do that.

Benefits of The Statue of Zeus In Forge of Empires

This great building has one important advantage:

Military Boost: Attack Bonus For The Attacking Army

To enable this attack bonus, this great building must be connected by a street to the city hall.

As for all great buildings a single lane is sufficient.

With its 2×3 footprint, it is the smallest great building in Forge of Empires.

Even small cities will have the required space to place it.

Above level 10 upgrades are much harder as they require a full set of 9 blueprints per level and many more forge points.

Also, the additional benefit of each new level is less than before.

Each of the first 10 levels adds a 3% attack bonus for the attacking army.

This bonus helps in battles on the province map, in guild expeditions, guild battlegrounds, when attacking neighbors and in PVP tournaments.

It is by far the fastest possibility to improve the attack strength of a new player’s army.

Above level 10 each additional level only provides 0.5% additional attack bonus.

As the game displays bonuses rounded up to the next integer, it looks as if only every second level would add 1%.

Late game scenarios often let players upgrade the Statue of Zeus to level 80 resulting in a 65% attack bonus.


Building the Statue of Zeus is highly recommended for everybody.

It is small and making the attacking army stronger is what new players urgently need.

The goal is to upgrade this great building to level 10 as soon as possible.

Upgrades above level 10 are something for late-game scenarios, not for beginners.

Beginners instead usually stop at level 10 and construct the Cathedral of Aachen afterwards.

The Statue of Zeus will be very helpful in all battles from the beginning of the game up to late-game scenarios.

It is a must-have.

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