Forge of Empires Galata Tower [Great Building Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Galata Tower Great Building Guide!

The Galata Tower in Instanbul was built in 1348 as part of the city walls of the Genoese quarter in Constantinople. It later was used to observe the harbor and as a lookout for fires in the city.

Forge of Empires Galata Tower

In Forge of Empires, the Galata Tower was added to allow new players to have a better standing against experienced neighbors and to develop faster.

Different from the introduction phase of this Great Building, now the usual way to get the required 9 blueprints is to polish or motivate the Early Middle Age buildings of other players.

Whenever you help such a building there is a 2% chance of getting an Early Middle Age blueprint.

Statistically seen, then every third blueprint is one of the Galata Tower.

You can also receive these blueprints as contribution rewards when donating to other players’ Galata Tower.

This great building has two important advantages:

  • Good Production: Produces random goods
  • Plunder Repel: The first suffered plunder attempts have a chance of being repelled.

To enable the good production, this great building must be connected by a street to the city hall.

As for all great buildings a single lane is sufficient. With its 3×3 size, it should be possible to find the required space in every city.

To place the construction site of this building, Early Middle Age goods are needed.

Then the construction site can be completed into a great building by adding only 20 forge points.

Being in a guild you usually will find 2 guild members (with a high-level Arc) to contribute 10 forge points each, as they get it returned as contribution rewards. This way the construction is free.

Above level 10 upgrades are much harder as they require another full set of 9 blueprints per level and many more forge points.

Also, the additional benefit of each new level is less than before.

Good Production

Produces random goods from the player’s age every 24 hours.

Cities in the Middle Ages benefit from this good production.

On level 1 the Galata Tower produces 5 goods of the current age of the city every day which rises to 12 goods on level 10.

From Modern-Era onwards the Galata Tower produces twice as many unrefined goods instead.

Plunder Repel

The first suffered plunder attempts have a chance of being repelled.

Since the research of Militia in Iron Age, the city can be attacked by neighbors.

Independent of how much defense you develop, it is nearly impossible to stop such attacks.

A successful attacker then can plunder one production in the city.

The best defense against this is collecting productions immediately when they become available. If this isn’t possible always, the Galata Tower provides a chance to repel the plunder.

The first 12 levels of the Galata Tower grant this chance twice every day. With higher levels, the number increases slowly, e g to blocking up to 6 plunderers at level 80.

More importantly, the chance to repel grows as you level up the building. It starts with a humble 16% at level 1, growing to 28% on level 10 and it requires level 80 to have a 50% chance.


It might be painful to get plundered, but it really does not affect the development of the city much.

So for only repelling the plunders I would not recommend to construct this great building.

The real reason why every player should have this building and bring it at least to level 10, is the good production.

As long as you still don’t have many event buildings, the goods from this building make it much easier to have good progress in the game.

Take the 2nd bonus as a nice extra bonus then.

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