Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #5 – March 2020]

Welcome to our fifth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Here, we will be taking a look at the following topics:

  • Egyptians on the Beta Server
  • Buying Diamonds
  • Medals for High-End-Players

The last issue we talked about the potential of Forge of Empires 2, Calculating Damage in Battles and Building the art Exhibition so be sure to also check that issue out if you wanted to learn more about these topics.

But again, there has been a lot of news and questions from players which we to comment on.

Currently the Saint Patrick Event requires a lot of time, but sometimes it is just nice to look forward to what is coming next.

Egyptians on the Beta Server

In the previous issue of the journal, we emphasized that we believe that the Egyptians definitely will come. Now they are there – at least on the beta server.

This cultural settlement again is a bit different than those of the Vikings or Japanese before.

To produce barley loot is required, which can only be received in battles. After completing the 3rd quest, Egyptian battlegrounds can be accessed and we receive a few unattached units.

As these battles are so important, I start my settlement with 6 instead of 4 houses, a training camp, and a camel barn.

After winning the first battle, the production of barley can start. This can then be used to be traded for a first expansion.

All these expansions now have impediments, but some of these can be removed.

The required tools for doing that are rewards for completed quests. This is absolutely new and it is very interesting to play this. Really fun.

Each cultural settlement provides 2 buildings as a reward. The first building you will receive for the completion of the city, independent of how long it took.

On level 1 it provides coins, 2 forge points, and a military unit. It is a sort of tiny Alcatraz.

By completing Egyptians more often, this building can be upgraded to level 6. Then it provides more coins and forge points plus 8 unattached military units every day.

If you complete the settlement within a certain deadline, you will also receive some fragments of an ancient obelisk.

With 15 fragments this building can be constructed and this is exactly the number of fragments that you will receive if you complete the settlement within 28 days.

This tiny 2×2 building provides coins, a forge point, and a 2% defense bonus for the attacking army.

On level 4 you will receive twice as many coins and forge points. The defense bonus for the attacking army is increased to 6% and it also provides some goods from the building’s era.

For the 2nd and 7th completion of the Egyptian settlement, you will get another slot for an ambassador in your city hall.

The ambassadors will then provide an additional daily forge point, supplies, goods or 2 military units of the current era.

Of course, we will create 2 videos for the Egyptians. One will explain the development of our settlement. The other will demonstrate the battles of the Egyptians. As these battles have absolutely no bonuses, they feel very different. But there all the players have exactly the same possibilities. We only have to demonstrate how to benefit most of these possibilities.

But it will take some time until these videos will be published. We first have to complete the settlement as you all know that we only want to recommend something based on our own experience.

By the way, there were some adjustments to the Vikings and the Japanese last week. We will post an update for both settlements soon so that new players do not need to collect all information from many different videos.

Buying Diamonds

In the comments of this site, and in private messages players often ask us about how to buy diamonds best.

First of all, we are very impressed by the fact that you can play Forge of Empires over years achieving everything in this game without spending a single cent of real money.

Those players who want to get some wishes to be realized faster can buy a few diamonds.

This finances the game for all of us. Consider how much it costs to go to a cinema for only 2 hours, a diamond package isn’t expensive as it can increase your fun much longer.

But we absolutely respect those opinions about that can be very different. Everybody can handle that as he or she wants.

Then of course are our diamond strategies which we outline here.

You will soon notice that bigger packages are much more efficient than small packages.

InnoGames wants to inspire players to buy more. But it is also very important to buy at the right moment. Someone in the community asked why we got another 40% on top when we bought our diamonds in a previous article.

These are offers from InnoGames that you will receive every once in a while.

Those who plan to buy diamonds should use such special offers and not wait until the last moment when these diamonds are needed urgently.

This makes a huge difference.

The best offer with a 100% bonus on top we saw when InnoGames reached the 1 billion revenue milestone. But this was a unique opportunity. 40% bonus you will see relatively often.

Then we received the inspiration to emphasize that along with events InnoGames offers additional bonus paid in that event currency, e.g gold pots in the St. Patricks Event, Yes, this is absolutely correct, but we would not emphasize this as the offered number of gold pots is less than the 40% more diamonds offer.

Summary: Pay attention, calculate exactly and buy at the best moment.

Other than that use our strategies and use our legitimate free method.

Medals for High-End Players

A common question for FOE Players is: What can I do with these many medals after having bought all expansions?

GvG guilds are happy if you donate them to the guild treasury.

You also can use them to speed up your guild expedition. But there is indeed no important use for all these medals after having all the expansions.

All owners of a high-level Arc will notice that. You could then store your victory towers, but usually, there are not enough store building kits and a store building kit is more valuable at the antique dealer than a victory tower.

We ecommend keeping a stock of 2 million medals. Before Space Age Mars started, the Virtual Future received another expansion buyable with the huge number of medals.

Therefore it is our guess that we will see the same before Space Age Asteroid Belt will be published as InnoGames knows that all players need more space.

Journal courtesy of FOE Hints.

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