Forge of Empires Space Age Asteroid Belt [Era Intro Guide]

The next era, the Space Age Asteroid Belt is assumed to be coming to Forge of Empires Very Soon! We expect the new era to be released on the BETA server shortly, considering that the images and the text in Forge of Empires have improved greatly in recent weeks.

Based on the analysis of that text and the images it is possible to conclude a lot about the upcoming next era.

All information given in this guide is not yet confirmed by InnoGames. We are not writing about our game experience with the new era. We just want to provide a first impression of what we expect the new era to look like and what you can expect.

Please understand that everything still can be changed.

Let us start with the changes in our city.

After researching the first technology of Space Age Asteroid Belt we will receive a new city hall.

On the 2 lane roads, we will see new vehicles. In the small streets, we will see new inhabitants.

To be able to show more of the new buildings we created some space in our city on DE-Noarsil.

The first building to show is a supply production building with the usual size for such buildings of that advanced age.

The second production building with an attractive small size might be the new premium production building.

We assume the same with the cultural buildings.

The huge building can be the normal and the smaller then the premium building.

Those who complete the guild expedition every week will occasionally get rewarded with such a premium building. Therefore it is an option for every player.

As the building space is limited, we added the military buildings one after another.

Based on the naming of similar files in previous eras, we assume that the first building will produce artillery units.

The second will then provide light units, the third fast units, the fourth heavy units and finally, the 5th ranged units.

We cannot assign the images of the units to the individual military buildings. Therefore we show them separated from the building.

Please let us emphasize again: This is very early information, not confirmed by InnoGames.

We can also have a look on the two residential buildings.

We again assume that the first will be the normal building and the second will then be the premium building.

Most players who advanced to that new age will receive their population from great buildings and event buildings, often more than they really need.

Until now we could only find one new great building.

We saw that already with other ages that parts of the content like the second great building were published later.

This great building with a floor size of 4×7 tiles is a sort of Himeji Castle for players who negotiate.

The first number of negotiations has a certain chance to receive a random reward.

With the daily collection, this will be reset as usual.

We assume that the rewards will be exactly the same as for Himeji Castle with one exception: The Spoils of War selection Kit, which is interesting for fighting players only, will be replaced by the Diplomatic Gifts Selection Kit.

This allows you to pick either a Wishing Well, a Wishing Well Shrink Kit or a Renovation Kit. Especially from these you never can have too many.

There will also be 5 buildings for goods production.

We all remember: When the Space Age Mars began, we were warned that this outpost will only be available until we reach the next era Space Age Asteroid Belt.

At the beginning of this new era, we get warned again that this new outpost on the asteroid belt will only be available as long as we are in that age.

As we can produce Mars Age goods on Mars only and Asteroid Belt goods on the outpost in the Asteroid Belt only, we will have the problem that with leaving an age, we would no longer be able to produce the related goods.

A new technology in Space Age Asteroid Belt will enable us to create these goods on planet earth using these special buildings.

Clicking on our space shuttle will now lead us to our settlement on the Asteroid Belt.

This settlement seems to work the same way as the settlement on Mars.

There is a city hall, residential buildings, live support buildings, and buildings to produce the new goods.

Instead of the Mars Ore that was needed for Mars Age goods, the Asteroid Belt goods require Asteroid Ice.

The province map has 2 new provinces, each with many sectors.

One of these will contain the pvp tower. Two others will give us access to 2 of the 5 resource deposits.

Some sectors will then provide asteroid ice. We can expect that this requires again a lot of fighting or negotiations every day.

Finally, we can have a first look at the new battlegrounds. From the image, we cannot conclude the special abilities and fighting values.

We all will know more about that when the beta test will start. I hope with this early preview I was able to give you a first idea of how the new age will look like.

We will see us soon in the Asteroid Belt!

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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