Forge of Empires St Patrick’s Day Event 2020 [Event Guide]

There will be a completely new event in Forge of Empires this year: St. Patrick’s Day.

For this event, you will receive a cry for help from a neighboring town. They’re looking for your support in hosting a grand festival to celebrate the special day. Your task is to help the townsfolk prepare for the occasion.

Paddy McCharms is the festival’s guide, so you’ll need to listen to him as he shows you around the neighboring town. You’ll be introduced to the townsfolk who will support you in your quest to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day festival ever!

The event is due to start on Thursday 20th February 2020.

Forge of Empires St Patrick’s Day Event 2020

We first have to collect as many gold pots as possible. We will start with an initial stock of 200 gold pots. With every daily login you will receive another 100 gold pots.

Each of the 35 rush quests will provide a reward of 100 gold pots. The 21 daily quests following after the rush quests will even give 150 gold pots each. The quests are from the usual range of quests that we already know from many other events.

The milestone after quest 20 grants 750 gold pots, the milestone after quest 45 even 1,400 gold pots.

Finally, the incidents in and around your city will occasionally provide 10, 20, 50 or even 100 more gold pots.

Active players who log in every day and complete the whole questline will collect a total of 11,200 gold pots.

Let us already emphasize here: This is very tight. Always think twice before you use gold pots or you will not be able to complete the event building set on the maximum level 2.

And that would be a pity. The main prize in this event is the Celtic Forest set. With 5 parts giving their neighbors additional strength.

The main Grand Prize reward for the St. Patrick’s Day event is the brand new Celtic Forest building set

Each part can be upgraded to level 2 individually, something that we already know from the cherry garden set.

The new set has the same size as a terrace farm. Already on level 1, we would prefer this set instead of the terrace farm, but upgraded to level 2 it is absolutely outstanding. 3 of the 5 parts require a street connection.

The first 2 set elements are milestone rewards. Quest 5 gives the majestic fawn and quest 35 the moon gate. For completing the entire questline a selection kit is given out.

Using it you can either build one of these 5 buildings or you can upgrade one. This way you already have 3 of the required 10 parts to get all on level 2.

All other selection kits must then come from the new minigame. This shows a city.

The holy father decided that the party going heathens have to remain on the left side of the river and the hard-working honest people on the right side.

In other words: All production buildings are on the right side of the harbor and the event is on the left side with a single ship carrying everything from the right side to the left where it will then be sold to the Heathens.

You construct a factory and wait until it produced something. Then you send it with the ship to the left side and there the event will reward you with shamrocks.

With these shamrocks you can then improve the production building, add more production buildings, improve the ship or the event.

Nobody wants to sit in front of the computer and click manually on these buildings for the next 21 days.

Therefore you can hire a manager for each production building for the ship and the event.

But be warned that this manager requires you to spend gold pots and you should use as little as possible.

But without a manager it will not be manageable. So you hire a manager level 1 for each production building, the ship and the event.

The result is an automated production 24 hours per day, continuing even if you log off.

You will see 3 tasks at the top of the minigame. The city has a total of 38 tasks.

The main goal is to complete these tasks. Everything else is not important. Your highest priority should be to complete these tasks. Everything else is unimportant.

Managers can be promoted with gold pots. Then they work faster. The production buildings produce more, the ship transports more and faster, the event delivers more shamrocks.

Upgrading a Factory Manager with Gold Pots

But each promotion requires more gold pots. And you should not waste these gold pots. Therefore only order those promotions that are required by the tasks.

Please don’t forget that this city will only last some days and then be reset to the very beginning. All managers will then be gone.

We will start the city 5 times and complete it 4 times. Our 11,200 gold pots will have to last very long.

As soon as we received some Shamrocks, we can use these to upgrade the production buildings.

You will quickly recognize that there are specific levels resulting in huge progress. Upgrades between these specific levels only have very little effect, but reaching such a specific level will make a huge difference.

So always complete upgrades until the next specific level to take advantage of that.

If you produce more, you should also transport more with the ship.

Finally, the event should also be upgraded accordingly. But do not upgrade without a concept.

If there is an imbalance for a limited time, it will not be a real problem. Instead, always keep an eye on the tasks.

The important thing is to complete these tasks. The shamrocks will all end up on the compost heap.

Therefore we assigned the 38 tasks to the individual buildings. This helps to estimate better what will really be needed.

In the upper right corner, you see the tasks of the hat factory. You have to upgrade it on level 25, later even on level 100, then promote the manager on level 3 and finally upgrade the building on level 200.

Those who advance quickly on the questline will have enough gold early in the event to promote the manager to level 3 immediately. It will not be cheaper doing it later.

When the related task appears, it will already be completed immediately if the requirement is met.

But be careful: It would be too bad if these gold pots would be needed elsewhere in the meantime. The first city requires 760 gold pots for the tasks.

Best is to make progress in 2 tasks simultaneously with a single activity.

In the upper left corner, you see the general tasks. One of these is to upgrade a building 50 times. This gets also completed when you work on the task Upgrade your hat factory to level 100.

Another hint is to upgrade both the festival and the shipyard to level 300. This will happen step by step during several days.

Those who spend 4 days in each city are doing well.

When you see the festival task 36 “collect 50 quadrillion shamrocks“, this seems to be an unreachable huge number.

But this event has a lot of huge numbers: 1m is a million, 1b is a billion, 1t is a trillion and 1q is a quadrillion.

As soon as the fireworks factory is constructed, the city can be finished.

It is not necessary to complete all tasks. If a specific task requires too much time, you can skip it. But you should not skip too many tasks as it then becomes impossible to upgrade all event set parts on level 2. Or you have to compensate for it with diamonds.

When you finish a city you are offered the possibility to buy boxes. The full set requires 1,900 gold pots.

When you finish your first city you should have a stock of 1,900 gold pots. It is necessary to have made good progress in the questline to have that. This isn’t simple! This event requires a lot of activity from players.

Each box contains an attractive reward comparable to daily specials in other events.

With each box the price to buy another is doubled, absolutely independent in which order they are opened.

Once you bought all 6 boxes for a total of 1,900 gold pots, you get a selection kit for the event building set on top. This makes it so important to buy all boxes.

Afterwards another set of boxes is offered. Now the first box already has a price. My recommendation is to not open a single box of that second set. We urgently need our gold pots for the next city.

The second city then has slightly different tasks, but everything else remains the same.

Now we are already experienced and will complete the tasks faster. After completing the second city we again buy one set of boxes. The first box again is free. So the whole set costs 1,900 gold pots. And again: Do not buy the 2nd set of boxes!

Afterwards we work on the 3rd city. You will also find the 38 tasks in that first pinned comment below the video.

This way we complete 4 cities. With these 4 x 38 tasks, we will receive 6 grand prizes.

Unfortunately only every 3rd grand prize is a selection kit. After completing the 4th city we have 2 selection kits from the grand prizes and 4 selection kits from buying boxes.

One last selection kit is still missing. Therefore we need to start a fifth city and complete enough tasks there to receive a 7th grand prize which is a selection kit and completes our set.

We wish all of you to have a lot of fun and success in this brand new event!

Journal courtesy of FOE Hints.

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