Forge of Empires Spring Event 2020 [Beta Announcement]

Since yesterday, Tuesday February 25th, the Forge of Empires Spring Event of 2020 was made available on the beta server.

A quick first look at that event revealed that nearly everything is the same as in the spring event 2019.

This makes sense as the developers are likely to be currently concentrating on the new cultural settlement Egyptians and the new era Space age Asteroid Belt.

Of course we will now analyze the Spring Event as usual and in approximately 2 weeks there we will release our detailed guide about it.

Spring Event Starting

As you know, we always want to experience everything ourselves first before recommending something.

We can look forward to a new event building with several levels and a final possibility to decide between 2 versions.

More about this, and many other tips and recommendations, in the upcoming guide.

See you soon on FOE Tips!