Forge of Empires Spring Event 2019 [Cherry Blossom Guide]

The Forge of Empires Spring Event is a seasonal event, that as the name suggest, takes place in the months of Spring.

Its alternatively named the Cherry Blossom Festival.

If you have been playing Forge of Empires for some time, you will already know the basic concept of the event from previous years.

If you’re new to the game or want a recap here it is:

Forge of Empires Spring Event 2019

Just like in previous years, the main objective is to collect as many lanterns as possible. You do this through the Questline and through other actions in the game. You will then use these lanterns to play a mini-game to obtain rewards.

Outside of the Questline, another way to obtain a number of lanterns is to log in every day. A second way is to collect lanterns from Cherry Trees that spawn in your city’s surroundings at random times.

  • Each of the 40 Rush Quests grants a reward of 60 lanterns. Afterwards, the 22 daily quests give a reward of 100 lanterns (each quest). The quests are similar to those that have taken place in other events; this will be good news for many of you.
  • The first log in each day of the event will provide you with 50 lanterns.
  • The Cherry Trees typically provide 3/ 5/10 or 20 lanterns. Occasionally they may provide up to 50 or 100 lanterns.

So it is important to log in every day and to check for cherry trees often – this will be of extra benefit this year.

The grand prize will be the a one-story Pagoda (similar to the past two spring events) but now you can upgrade your Pagoda to level 7.

On that final level you will have the possibility to decide between three different versions:

  • Water Pagoda,
  • Fire Pagoda
  • Earth Pagoda

You will first receive the Pagoda on level 1 as a milestone reward (shown below). After completing quest 7, you will need 6 upgrades to receive one of the impressive Pagodas.

3 upgrade kits are further milestone rewards of the quest line; the other 3 you will receive by using your lanterns in a mini-game.

The Mini-Game

Forge of Empires Spring Event 2019 Mini-Game

In the mini-game you use your lanterns to guide the Frog across the pond by selecting one of three lily pads to jump to. This is the same game mechanics as used in the soccer event.

But, instead of soccer players, we know simply have folded paper animals (Origami). This time there is an origami animal sitting on each leaf. Each origami animal that you collect will offer you a different selection of rewards and each lily pad offers the chance to win the Daily Special.

Analyzing these you will notice that the cheapest way to let the frog cross the pond is using the animals allowing the frog to make the biggest jumps. With each jump, you move closer to the coveted Grand Prize:

You will spend an average of 1000 lanterns then for each time the Frog reaches the other side.

It is realistic to receive more than 7000 lanterns which will be enough for more than six pond crossings. This guarantees to receive three upgrade kits in total.

In case you are not interested in the Pagoda but more in the daily specials, the shortest jumps are better as their relative chance to receive a daily special is better in relation to the number of lanterns required for it.

In this event each player completing the quest line and logging in most of the days during this event will be able to build one of the level 7 Pagodas.

Those who are willing to spend some diamonds during the event will be able to have more than only one Pagoda and as these players will end in one of the three best leagues bronze silver or gold they will receive another one or two upgrade kits.

This way you can upgrade the Pagoda from previous years or those additional Pagodas that you receive as a daily special.

This will be an event that has a potential to make many of you very happy!

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  1. I get to the screen showing different pads and orgami figures. Clicking on the figure brings up a selection of prizes, when I click on the prize I get nothing ?

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