Forge of Empires Carnival Event 2019

The Forge of Empires Carnival Event has become a permanent seasonal event.

This year, it will follow the Bowl Event and is expected to start on the 16th February and run through to the 06th March 2019.

If you have been playing Forge of Empires for some time, you will already know the basic concept of the event frome previous years.

If you’re new to the game or want a recap here it is:

Forge of Empires Carnival Event 2019

At the start of the event, every player will receive 11 tickets.

Each ticket allows you to participate in 1 game.

If you have less than 11 tickets, they will regenerate automatically unlike your Forge Points.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use your 11th ticket immediately at the start of the event. This way the regeneration will not be interrupted.

You have the choice between three different games.

A sort of ‘Knock the Lucas’ will provide 10 Florins for each game.

If you are not sure what Florins are, they are an old coin from the Toscana in Italy.

This reward doesn’t change and you are guaranteed to receive it.

Alternatively you have the option to a Shell game. This may seem like an attrative game to play because the rewards are higher.

Unfortunately, you only have a 15% chance of winning. So doing the maths, 15% x 50 Florins = 7.5 Florins which works out to be worse than the first game!

But if you do not win, the possible reward is increased by 10 Florins. It turns out that the more you lose, the higher the reward climbs.

This is why the Shell game ends up being a lot more profitable than the first game.

The third game, that includes a Toy Boat Race, extends this further. In this game, the chance to win is only 5%. However, the initial reward of 100 Florins is increased by another 15 Florins each and every time you fail.

And for 20 Florins you can purchase a double chance to win.

It is interesting to know that the neighborhood will not change during this event. This is different to previous Carnival events. Additionally, the league system will also be applied.

Those of you who are not willing to take too many risks, should collect tickets until you reach the limit of 11.

Then you should play the second game until you win. If you are not likely to log in for a few days, you should spend all of your remaining tickets in the first game. You are very likely to get a reward playing game 2 with 11 tickets, because you should win on average every 7 attempts.

For completed carnival quests you will either receive tickets or Florins.

You can use your Florins to buy one of two chests. Each chest contains a random reward from the assigned list. You will also be able to see the likelihood of receiving each item in the list.

As expected, the price of a chest depends on it the potential rewards inside. We always recommend to compare the two chests being offered before you decide to open one. Often the cheaper chest has a higher relative chance to win a special prize.

Some of you may be interested in a golden chests. This is because it contains event buildings from last year’s carnival: the Renaissance Villa, Renaissance Mansion, and Venice Canal

Another thing to consider is that you can buy both, tickets and Florins with diamonds.

As the grand prizes change every 6 hours, the most interesting of the rewards are all offered several times.

The Piazza Mask vendor is the reward you will receive for completing quest 5. You will only need 9 more special prizes to have a complete set on level 2.

For fully completing the quest line you will receive a Piazza Selection Kit. This allows you to pick an item of your choice. This helps if you are looking to get the last set building. Therefore, theoretically, it would be great if you received 8 special prizes from the chests.

Here’s a great tip; pay attention to ensure you do not pick a second item with one that you already own before you complete your set.

As the calculation shows, if you are an active player you will receive a minimum of 19,200 Florins. This will be the case even if you decide for the ‘Knock the Lucas’ every time.

With this event, you will have to spend an average of 2,298 Florins to get a special prize. You can improve your chances of a special prize by opting for the better chest. Mathematically, if you always pick a random chest you should still receive 8.3 special prizes.

Taking the premium chest should provide some good rewards that counteract any inactive days or runs of bad luck when opening chests. The chances are high that every player will have a complete set on level 2.

On a 5×5 floor size, the set on level 2 will provide more population than a residential building of the same size, a lot of happiness, coins, supplies and medals every day, 16 goods from the age of the related set building, 8 forge points, a production bonus of 11% for both, coins and supplies, 8% city defense and 7% attack bonus. This is an impressive mix of all bonuses in the game.

With a little luck when playing or opening chests, you will be able to get even more set buildings.

The set is a great motivation to be very active in this event.

Good luck!M

There are 33 Quests in the Carnival. For a list of all the quests in the questline be sure to visit the FOE Wiki Fandom page.

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