Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2019 Part II [The Best Strategy]

In this Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2019 Part II, we will be looking at the best strategy to maximize your chances of reward. This has been our experience whilst playing the event on the Beta servers.

In our introductory Bowl Event article, we discussed what the event entails and what you need to do. You’ll learn the quests and the rewards so if you haven’t read that already that’s the best place to start.

Part II

Since the early release of the event on the Beta servers (December 20th 2018), it has become much easier to upgrade the Colossus to the maximum level for those of you who complete the Quest Line and Log in every day.

The Quest Rewards have also been improved, and with completion of the Bronze League, a Colossus upgrade is granted.

Therefore, it is important that you at least complete the Bronze League by the end of the Bowl Event.

If you look at the properties of the players, you will notice that the required number of balls per yard is nearly the same with all players.

This means for receiving enough upgrades it is absolutely irrelevant which player you choose.

But, you still need to decide wisely on the player in each single move as the chances to receive the daily special vary significantly.

Here’s our recommended Bowl Event Strategy:

Divide the percentage of receiving the daily special by the required number of balls. You then select the player with the best result.

This way you will receive most daily specials!

Here’s what you want to do. Only use your balls on days with a great daily special. This way you will receive the Colossus upgrades plus a lot of valuable rewards like the first building of the Classical Garden Set.

Let’s take a closer look on this.

When you play, you will see the players and number of balls. By clicking your mouse you can discover the related chance to win the daily special.

You want to always choose the player with the highest quotient. This will help you to quickly receive the second building of the Classical Garden Set.

To demonstrate that this is not just a random result, on our own game, we did the same on the third day as a Classical Garden Set consists of three parts and of course we wanted to have a complete set.

Even if sometimes all available players have bad properties you still can decide for the one with the best values compared to all others.

Following this strategy, you will maximize the chance to get the daily special.

In our own game, we finally completed our Classical Garden Set following the strategy documented above.

The three set buildings have been offered twice each on the beta server.

We fetched one set but it would not be difficult to get more.

In the end, we used all of our remaining balls when the Shrine of Knowledge was offered again.

For those who are not in the Bronze League when the event ends, we recommend to use a few diamonds.

You don’t need many diamonds as your goal is not to receive more Grand Prizes – you only want to make sure that you will be in the Bronze League when the event ends.

This will require only a few diamonds, like those you win in the Guild Expedition or you can redeem via our Diamond Strategy.

We are all looking forward to having a Colossus level 10 soon, plus many valuable daily specials.

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  1. I spent the diamonds to get into the Bronze league on Beta and when I got up in the morning that had been taken away and I was back down to amateur so I never got to complete my statue. I was extremely disappointed and probably won’t be spending diamonds on this event in my other worlds

  2. Can you use upgrades in the new events towards an event building from last years event?

    For example if I have a winter spire on level 10, can i use an upgrade when the event returns for that spire?

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