Forge of Empires Archaeology Event [May 2019]

The Forge of Empires Archaeology Event is a brand new event, starting this year, that began on the 02nd May and will continue until the 22nd May 2019.

The purpose of the event is to explore a cave to find treasures that you can exchange for prizes.

This is completely different to all other events launched and discussed here on Forge of Empires Tips. But it follows the similar structure and shares some commonalities of other seasonal events.

For example, you will be rewarded for daily logins and there are Quests that you will need to complete:

  • 39 Rush Quests and
  • 21 Daily Quests

The reward for every quest is a scroll which you will then use to purchase Brushes, Shovels and Dynamite for your Archaeology. You can also buy discounted packages or single tools.

With these tools you can then clear sand from tiles to uncover buried treasures.

Brushes are primarily used for the detail work as they reveal a single tile at a time only.

With a shovel a complete column is uncovered. And dynamite uncovers all.

When it comes to the dynamite, don’t worry: The explosion will not destroy the relics. Instead these are revealed and ready to be picked up.

The effects of a shovel or dynamite end at walls. Therefore you should use them wisely. Just seeing a relic is not enough to warrant using them unnecessarily.

With this mini-game, you first need to remove the sand from from a tile (using on of the aforementioned tools) and then you will have to click on the item that appears underneath. It is important to remember that without a final click on the item itself it will not be collected and appear in your inventory. Dont forget!

In the majority of cases we recommend that the brush should be your preferred tool.

In certain situations however, you may find it best to use a shovel or even dynamite. But this should be the exception rather than the norm.

The further you dig the more tools you can find aswell as relics like Vases.

Relics are great to find; they contain a random set or rewards. Youll also have a percentage chance of winning a daily prize.

One of the daily prizes up for grabs is the Carousel.

In the Contemporary Era a Carousel will provide you with 1,630 happiness, 6% attack bonus and 6% city defense.

We concentrated entirely on the golden Idols (you may recognize these in popular culture and they usually appear in films).

20 Golden Idols are required to exchange for one grand prize.

Most grand prizes will be Upgrade Kits that you can use for the World’s Fair. Consider that this is the most desired reward of this new Archeology event.

On a 6×4 floor size the Worlds Fair will provide up to 10 Forge Points, population, coins and 10 goods of the building’s age every day.

As with all events its important to always make an early decision if it is going to be possible to obtain the grand prize (in this case the World’s Fair) without using diamonds. However if you did want to use diamonds then we have written a great guide to getting them for free.

This event building of the Archeology event will prove valuable and beneficial even at level 7. It also looks great which is a nice bonus too.

However like any event building it will always be considerably better at the higher levels. So your aim should be getting the World Fair to level 10.

Quests and Rewards

In this event, you will get 50 Scrolls every day just for logging in. You’ll also get 30 scrolls for every Rush quests you complete (39 in total = 1170).

In addition, you will receive rewards by completing milestones in the quest line.

You will get 600 scrolls for completing quests 15 and 45.

For completing quest 30 and the final quest you will obtain an Upgrade Kit.

In our own game, after completing half of the questline we already had the World’s Fair (at level 1). The reward we received for completing quest 5 was 3 upgrade kits from our excavations and 1 upgrade kit from the milestone.

We still require 4 more upgrade kits to get our World Fair to the impressive level 10.

Another thing to note is that the daily quests will provide better rewards than the rush quests (just like other seasonal events).

Presently, it is looking like it is going to be a challenge for is to get all the required upgrade kits by the end of the event. We will really need to consider our excavation strategy.

So its looking like we will excavate focusing on Golden Idols and avoid spending brushes on Vases considering they are not necessary to make progress.

The World’s Fair is a brilliant event building. If you can get it and upgrade it then you’ll be in good stead. We wish you all the best in the Archaeology Event.