Forge of Empires Soccer Event 2019 [Quest Guide]

The Forge of Empires Soccer Event, also known as the Soccer Cup, is back for 2019. This year, it focuses on Women’s Soccer and the challenge for the championship! You need to help push the team through the tournament. The event will run for a total of 32 days.

Just like last year, the objective is to get energy drinks by completing quests. You will then use them to pass the ball, score goals and get great rewards!​

First of all, you will receive a login bonus of 60 energy drinks every single day. So as you can see, it is worthwhile and profitable to log in every day. This reward can be increased through incidents in and around your city.

The Soccer Event has a typical Quest line – this one having 33 Rush Quests and 32 Daily Quests (65 in total).

The 33 Rush Quests are available immediately, whereas the 32 daily quests become available for every day the event runs.

For every quest that you complete, you will obtain an extra 60 energy drinks.

The quests follow the similar pattern and style that we all know from a lot of previous events. You can find all quests on the FOE Fandom Page.

When you consider the length of the event, is works out that you will need to complete on average 2 quests every day. This can actually be done quite easily.

Once you have collected energy drinks, you can use them to motivate one of three players in the mini-game to play the ball:

For each move you will receive a small reward but there is also a smaller chance and probability that you can win the daily special on each move.

The order of daily specials we have received is likely to be specific to the beta server. It will be different on the player worlds, but if you decide to play on the beta server you will see what can be expected and what might be offered.

From our game, the Tholos of Idols kit has been the best daily special. You may already know of this event building from the 2018 Soccer Event and it gets revived this year as a daily special.

Some players even report that they prefer the Tholos of Idols more this year’s grand prize. Fortunately you can have both.

The main objective of the game is to get that ball into the opponent’s goal. Just like last year, the goal is to score! Each pass provides progress further down field, and for every goal scored, you will receive the coveted Goal Reward!

However passing the ball requires work and to replenish your players’ energy you require energy drinks. So with each pass you will spend some of your Energy Drinks. By complete quests you get more so you can see how it all works!

With every goal that you score, you will move further up the ‘League Table’. A new league round starts every 8 days. The top scoring players will be rewarded with extra special prizes! As the event will run for 32 days, this means there will be 4 chances to win big in the Leagues!

But be aware, other players may want to also get into the higher ranks, but only a certain amount of players can stay there. Make sure, that you always score enough goals in order to not fall in ranks.

You will receive several league rewards during this event. If league rewards are important to you think wisely before you use your energy drinks.

After analyzing all chances and costs of all players, here at FOE Tips we recommend this strategy:

In the beginning just collect your energy drinks, don’t use them immediately.

When the Tholos of Idols Kit is offered as a daily special, use all collected energy drinks on that single day.

For every move you will always have the option to decide whether to use a player in front of a blue background. Always use this player!

Including the league rewards, you can get the main prize twice on it’s maximum level plus a new Tholos of Idols – all without using a single diamond. (If you did want some extra diamonds for free click here).

The event’s main prize is the Altar Garden – an up-gradable building with an Ancient Greek theme. It provides Population, Happiness and Coins. You will receive a level 1 Altar Garden from the questline. It can be upgraded to level 5 and for the top level you have a number of choices when using the upgrade kit. Each one has it’s own advantages:

  • Altar of Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Beauty. She provides additional Medals when motivated.
  • Altar of Artemis – Goddess of The Hunt. She provides an Attack Bonus.
  • Altar of Athena – Goddess of Wisdom, Art and War Strategy. She provides Forge Points when motivated.
  • Altar of Demeter – Goddess of The Harvest and Agriculture. She provides A Supply and Coins boost, as well as more Coins and Supplies.
  • Altar of Hera – Goddess of Family and Marriage. She provides Goods when motivated.
  • Altar of Hestia – Goddess of Hearth, Home and Architecture. She provides Blueprints.​

On the tiny floor size of only 3×2 tiles, the Alter Garden building’s production is relatively humble. E. g. the Altar of Athena provides a much better effect than the Shrine of Knowledge.

On top you will receive many small rewards like Forge Points and other items.

For new players especially, this event will push your development significantly.

Best of luck!