Forge of Empires Terrace Farm [Special Production Building]

The Terrace Farm in Forge of Empires is a Special Building (Production) that can be obtained as a reward through the Guild Expedition. There are two ways to get it: through the Rare Jade Relic or completing level III and IV.

If you opt for the Terrace farm, you’ll have six production type options from which to choose. Now depending on when you earn the Terrace Farm, or the age of your town, will reflect the amount of resources it produces.

You’ll soon notice that it is not possible to motivate your Terrace Farm which means that it is subject to plundering at any moment once production is finished.

The Terrace Farm can produce coins and supplies by this will depend on the happiness of your town and if you have any other Special Buildings that are giving it a boost.

Forge of Empires Terrace Farm

Forge of Empires Terrace Farm

As previously mentioned, Terrace Farms are one of the potential rewards for completing the 148th fight in the Guild Expedition.

If you see a Terrace Farm in a town its clear to see that a player is either a good fighter or a good negotiator.

Not many players use the Terrace Farm to produce coins, supplies or medals so this is something to be aware of for your own Farm.

However you can receive a lot more medals through the Terrace Farm than if you had the same area filled with Victory Towers (as an example).

i.e. Postmodern Era:

30 Victory Towers = 2,100 medals a week.

Terrace Farm = 2,975 – 4,760 medals a week.

Terrace Farms are popular because of their goods production and the Forge points they provide.

Those of you who want Forge Points will not care about the era the terrace farms become available in.

You receive five Forge Points every 24 hours and this does not change with each era you progress into. An upgrade only results in a higher demand of population.

This is different with Goods.

The 10 goods are always received from the eras assigned to the Terrace Farm.

In the beginning it will produce goods from the era you had when you receive the Terrace Farm.

Without your own undertaking, this will never progress regardless if you advance to higher eras.

Instead, you need to use a Renovation Kit or the +1 kit. This will then enable your Terrace Farm to produce goods from that new era.

Each Terrace Farm requires a huge area (5×6 = 30 fields). Is this a profitable building if it consumes so much space?

Our personal opinion at FOE Tips is a resounding YES.

Compared to a similar Special Building (like the Bazaar) it produces 50% more goods or Forge Points related to the space it consumes.

It is an advantage to build as many Terrace Farms as you can.

It is a very useful reward for completing level IV of the Guild Expeditions.

What are your thoughts on Terrace Farms? Have you managed to obtain them yet? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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  1. I think TF is great though there is lots of buildings that are better. You can also get 10fp with using Blue Galaxy 2x on them. Prosperous Cider Mill only get 4fp though if I had enough of them I would replace all of my TFs with them since for the space you have 3 TF you can get 5.

  2. I love the fact that I can vary the harvests from my terrace farms, getting plenty of FPS or goods depending on what I need at the time. Definitely with having.

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