Forge of Empires Observatory [Complete Great Building Guide]

The Observatory in Forge of Empires does not belong to any specific age. It is most useful if you decide to play in the Guild Expedition.

The Observatory provides contribution to your guild’s support pool and also provides you with a specific quantity of each good of your current era and for the guild’s Treasury. It does this every 24 hours.

Acquiring Blueprints for the Observatory is a challenge. You can only get them during seasonal events or by helping other players and contributing to their own Observatories. Unfortunately, Observatory blueprints cannot be obtained by simply visiting other player cities.

About the Observatory:

Originally built to look at celestial events, the towering Observatory gathers knowledge that proves to be unrivaled in its value for alliances. Aside from watching the stars and the sky, monitoring terrestrial events helps to detect new resources and to gain an edge over the competitors.

Acquiring the Observatory

Now it is first important to note that if you are not in a Guild then the Observatory is not going to help you. It provides support pool for your Guild which helps in the Guild vs Guild mode.

If you are in a Guild it is advised that you try to get the Observatory. Some guilds will even make it a requirement.

However, it is one of the most difficult Great Buildings to acquire because of the difficulty acquiring good blueprints.

You can only get blueprints through the Observatory itself, you cannot get them through aiding or motivation. You can get them as prizes in certain Seasonal Events. However, they are pretty rare rewards.

Acquiring Observatory blueprints is pretty similar to the methods that we used to acquire our Arc blueprints.

The other difference is that the general rule for the Observatory is that you want to set up a private Forge Point Exchange with a friend or guild member. This can be based on a certain time period or after all the blueprints are collected you can cease all trades

You can do 10 points a day, 20 points a day whatever you feel comfortable doing in order to get those blueprints.

The second thing that you can use if your guild has it, is an Observatory thread. Consider that not all guilds will have these so it may not be possible for you.

Now we acquired our Observatory and our Arc at about the same time but we focused heavier on our Arc because we’re a guild expedition guild so it’s much more important to get those Treasuries boosted as opposed to the support pool which doesn’t really help us or our guild.

Let’s take a look at what the Treasury gives. We have a level three out of ten Observatory so we get around four goods.

On the hand we have a level sixteen arc which gives us thirty-four goods.

We do argue that it is more difficult to acquire the Observatory blueprints than the Arc blueprints because the Arc is a regularly offered great building.

Also there aren’t a lot of players with higher level Observatories. The Observatory is actually super easy to build but the blueprints are difficult to obtain.

We’re glad we have our Observatory – it’s only 3×3 so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

What it really does us give us a right of passage to being in our Guild.

It means we can supporr our guild and showing them that we have both the Observatory and the Arc.

At its current level we don’t necessarily need the Observatory – we could actually get rid of it, but we have it to show support for our guild and show other guild members that we also support the guild.

Finally we must state that you should always really do what’s best for your own playing style and preferences.

Whether you need the Observatory is ultimately your choice but we do encourage you to talk to your guild friends to find out if its something that’s really important to them.

Or if they want to help you get an Arc instead.

You’re obtaining of an Observatory or an Arc might be the very thing that is holding them back from competing in the Guild Expedition every week or competing in the Guild vs. Guild.

So make sure that you’re not that person holding the guild back because you didn’t get an Observatory or Arc.

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