Forge of Empires Feudal Japan [Introductory Settlement Guide]

There’s a new settlement that has just been released in Forge of Empires – its called Feudal Japan! (as of 10th July 2019)

From the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan, the clan of Akechi Mitsuhide seeks your assistance!

You need to become the Daimyo of the village, and then it will be your task to lead Feudal Japan to prosperity and honor through culture and trade.​ Its all about helping the Japanese to thrive and become self-sustainable.

Your principle task is to collect resources and build up the village, using cultural goods as you go.

Forge of Empires Feudal Japan

Just like the Viking settlement, you will need to follow a quest line. This will direct you through all of the required steps to be successful.

One thing you will need to collect will be Koban Coins from residential buildings, like the Shoin-zukuri House, or the Shinden-zukuri Manor.

If you want to be in control of your coin production timing, there are a number of diplomacy buildings including the Tea House or the Shinto Shrine that will help.

The Feudal settlement brings us four new cultural good buildings. This includes:

The Armorer, which will produce different types of ancient armors,

The Gallery where the artists in your village can create marvelous paintings.

The Instrument Workshop

and the Soy Bean Field.

The biggest change compared to the Vikings, is the brand new settlement feature: the Merchant!

Once you complete the first initial quests, you will unlock this new feature for the current settlement.

The Merchant will show you three different offers each day.

If you find something that will help your current stage of the settlement, you can negotiate for it.

You will play the negotiation minigame, using goods from your current era, and you can exchange for the displayed cultural goods rewards.

It is also possible to dismiss the offer – if you do so the offer will be removed and the slot will appear empty (and again available for a new offer once the timer resets). Not only is this a great way to gather additional Cultural Goods, you may also find that the collections have a chance to be quadrupled (4x) the same as all Cultural Goods!

Feudal Japan Rewards

You will able to collect different rewards depending on how quickly you get through the settlement along with the number of times you have already completed it. Select and special rewards are available during the first few completions.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards:

  • You will receive a reward with every quest solved
  • You get rewards for completing the whole Feudal Japan Settlement
  • You get additional rewards, depending on how fast you played through the Feudal Japan Settlement

Perhaps the main reward building is the Shinto Temple.

It has nine upgrade levels, and once you get to its last level, it will provide you with several bonuses. This includes a supply boost, goods, and forge points.

The time bonus reward building of this culture is the Timeless Dojo.

Just like the Greater Runestone of the Viking settlement, this building has five upgrade levels. In it’s final stage, you will be able to collect a great and rare ability.

Each day, the building will provide you with a random, unattached unit that is of the same era as the Timeless Dojo.

Finally there are Emissaries who are basically honored people who will come to your main city and can sit in your Town Hall. When they do this you will be granted special bonuses.

Emissaries can be obtained as a reward for completing a Settlement. There are 4 Emissaries in total available in the Feudal Japan Settlement, which all give you a bonus.

Best of luck with the new Feudal Settlement. Let us know how you get on below!