Forge of Empires Diamond Strategies

In this Forge of Empires Diamond Strategies Guide, we bring to you some of the best ways to get diamonds, and how to do so.

In Forge of Empires diamonds are the premium currency. Whilst there are many ways to obtain Diamonds, purchasing them is the quickest and easiest way to obtain them. But doing so can be costly and unfortunately many things in the game can only be achieved using this premium currency. For example, some Expansions, (typically 2 per age/era) can only be bought with diamonds.

Besides Expansions which can make Forge of Empires more enjoyable, diamonds can make the game much easier. Using diamonds is the best way to speed up your development significantly.

If you do not want to spend real money for diamonds; we have written our established and go to legit and free method to get free diamonds. You can access that here

Alternatively, or in addition to, Forge of Empires Tips would like to introduce to you some other effective ways to earn diamonds during normal game play.

Forge of Empires Diamond Strategies

Forge of Empires Diamond Strategies

  • Forge of Empires Tips Exclusive Strategy
  • Completing certain Quests or Provinces will reward you with diamonds.
  • Wishing Wells and Fountains of Youth also provide 50 diamonds every now and then
  • The Guild Expedition.

It is important to note that there are moments in FOE when you will not be able to acquire diamonds via the above methods, or they do not provide enough.

So you may be wondering how you can get extra diamonds beyond paying for them or using our exclusive method?

But firstly, lets quickly go over something if you did decide you wanted to purchase diamonds. If you buy diamonds, you can use them in all of your cities under the account you purchased them in. You do not have to just use them in the city that you purchased them for. This is a great tip that you can use to your advantage. Now, lets move onto the strategies:

Strategy 1:

One of the strategies to gain forge of empires diamonds is to simply play the game and complete quests and conquer provinces. There isn’t much strategy involved here, but we do suggest that you regularly complete quests if this is not something you are doing presently.

Strategy 2:

Construct a new city, use that city to produce diamonds, and then use those produced diamonds in the main city to accelerate development there. To succeed with this method, you have a few different options:

This way requires time investment (the need to play daily) and some preparation. This way utilizes the wishing well city. So here’s what you do:

You first create a second city on a different server using the same account. This city will develop slowly. For the most part, it will either stay in the Iron Age or move a few ages up. Moving up the ages will not make any difference for this strategy. For this second city you want to get and place as many wishing wells as possible, so long as they are available and you do not need to spend diamonds getting them! You will then collect from these wishing wells every day.

Wishing Wells provide 50 diamonds on average 3 times per year. With every event more wishing wells are added and this makes this strategy more profitable for diamonds over time.

Strategy 3:

Another method for you today provides a lot more diamonds: the Iron Age battle city. With this strategy, your goal is to have all great buildings (with fighting bonus on level 10) and to successfully complete level 4 of the guild expedition every week. The downsides of this method is that it can take several months for a city to reach this level.

Remember, this city will never advance to the next age as battles in the guild expedition get harder with each advancing age. If you decide to go this route, the automatic fight feature will help you greatly, but you still require a lot of time each week; you need to successfully complete 64 battles. By doing so, you will receive on average 207 diamonds per week. While you’re at level 1, you will average 7.5 diamonds per week – this only helps a little but gets better at level 2 (17 diamonds per week) and level 3 (32.5 diamonds per week), finally reaching 150 diamonds per week for level 4.

Some weeks will not offer any opportunity to receive diamonds as rewards can be replaced by other prizes. If this is the case, your receive only half as much at level 4. The maximum of 625 diamonds per week is a more theoretical value, but it shows the potential of the guild expedition method.

At Forge of Empires Tips our recommendation is this: those of you who don’t fear the long preparation time, have the possibility to use that second city as a mine for diamonds which then can be used in the main city should opt for this method. But as the purpose of the game is having fun you may not want to do this as it consumes a lot of time. Using our forge of empires free diamond method is the most time efficient, effective and best free way.

For most of you, it would be better to concentrate on only one city, instead of getting bogged down by many cities. But those who love to get back to the basics of this game and love to build cities can combine fun and profit with diamonds!