Forge of Empires Ranking Points

In this Forge of Empires Ranking Points article, we are going to discuss Ranking Points – what they are, how to obtain them and the best way to do so.

Forge of Empires Ranking Points

The ranking of all players in Forge of Empires is based on points, known as Ranking Points. These are points that players receive as they progress and the activities that they undertake.

Forge of Empires Ranking Points

Ranking Points can be earned in three main ways:

  1. Building Points +
  2. Fighting Points +
  3. Points for Spent Goods

Building Points

All buildings in Forge of Empires have a number of points assigned. This is based on their size, their age and the type of building. Event Buildings and Premium Buildings have a higher value than Normal Buildings. With Event Buildings the Ranking Points grow significantly as they advance ages, e.g. by using a Renovation Kit. In many cases you can find the Ranking Points in the Forge of Empires Wiki

The points for Great buildings is calculated based on: a normal building of the same size and era + the points for the goods required to build them + the value of the Forge Points used for the last completed level.

Calculating Building Points Equation: Length x Width x F x Era

For example, a construction of the Statue of Zeus has 390 Ranking Points:

  1. Value of a regular building of the same size and age
  2. Value of the goods
  3. As a construction does not need Forge Points, this is 0. As soon as the Statue of Zeus reaches level 1 the Ranking Points grow by 600 as level 1 requires 40 Forge Points, each having a value of 15 Ranking Points.

If a building is destroyed, its Ranking Points will be subtracted again.

Fighting Points

All points of all battles are included in the ranking. This includes attacking you neighbors, battles in GVG, conquering sectors on the province map, fighting at the daily challenges or in the guild expedition.

In the Iron Age, the battle on level 1 platform 1 of the guild expedition gives 432 points for the PvP tower. To calculate the related number of Ranking Points you have to divide this by 50. This battle will let the player advance in the ranking by 8 points.

The battle of level 1 platform 4 of the guild expedition of the Iron Age gives 648 points, which is equivalent to 12 Ranking Points.

Another example from the Contemporary Era: If you move your mouse over the result window after a battle, you will see how the points are calculated. Each unit has it’s specific point value. Received damage will be subtracted. These 25,920 Fighting Points are equivalent to 518 Ranking Points.

You can get a lot of Fighting Points in level 4 of the guild expedition in the Arctic Future. These 15 fights receive an additional 2.274.188 Fighting Points compared to someone who stopped by the end of level 3. These are 45.483 Ranking Points. And this does not include the Ranking Points that you can negotiate.

For most players fighting is the fastest way to improve the ranking. Many attack their neighbours every day. This provides more fighting points every day than level 4 of the guild expedition.

Spent Goods

Whenever you spend goods, you will receive Ranking Points for it. Examples for spending goods are: research in the technology tree, constructing great buildings, negotiating sectors on the province map, platforms in the guild expedition or donating goods to your Guild Treasury.

The number of Ranking Points per good depends on its age/era. The higher the age of the good, the more Ranking Points it will generate.

If in the Iron Age you donate 200 goods to your guild’s treasury, you will receive 600 Ranking Points for it. Donating medals will not give Ranking Points.

If you are in the Arctic Future, you would have to spend more than 2,021 goods to the guild treasury to receive as many Ranking Points as if you proceeded as above for completing level 4 of the guild expedition. This demonstrates how much fighting is emphasized in the ranking compared to using goods.

Those who negotiate in the guild expedition receive Ranking Points for the goods used in the negotiations.

For collecting from the Arc, the Atomium or the Observatory a player receives Ranking Points as their goods are donated to the guild treasury. If you play regularly you will receive these Ranking Points every day.

Forge of Empires ArcForge of Empires AtoniumForge of Empires Observatory








Collecting from the Arc, at level 17, the 5 times 36 goods of the Arctic Future provide 4,050 Ranking Points for the owner of the Arc.

This is great, but this is much better with a high level Arc, e. g. on level 80. This Arc then donates 5 times 162 goods to the guild treasury. If you are in the Virtual Future, there are 20,655 Ranking Points just for collecting from the Arc. Compared to Ranking Points from fighting, this is a lot.

So to conclude the best way to improve your obtainment of Ranking Points is through fighting. That is unless of course you are a high end player with a high level arc, Atomium or Observatory. If this is the case you will receive a tonne of Ranking Points from these three great buildings that fighting is not an option for you.

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