Daily Challenges

Are you aware of the Daily Challenges feature in Forge of Empires?

This is available and is part of the Quest Interface, which you can access by clicking the “Daily” Chest icon in the top hand left corner of your screen:

Forge of Empires Daily Challenges


Daily Challenges

Every morning after 8am, you will have the possibility to decide between 1 or 2 chests.

These will contain different rewards every single day.

Forge of Empires Daily Challenges

Possible rewards are shown in the scroll above each chest, and you can decide on one or the other.

Coins, Supplies, Forge Points, Medals, Blueprints, Special Buildings (Including ones from sets) and much more are available!

When deciding on which chest and potential rewards, think about what would be of most benefit to you in your current game setup. For example, in our game we have little use for coins, so we tend to rule out a chest that has this as a potential reward.

Some of the best rewards to look out for Shrines and Forge Points.

The Shrine of Knowledge is one of the best rewards available, however, you will not that within the interface you are provided with the ‘likelihood’ or chance of receiving that reward. The better the reward, the less chance you will have to win it, seen by the percentage in the picture below:

Forge of Empires Daily Challenges

Once you commit to your chest, you will have 24 hours, or until 8am the next day, to complete a set number of tasks.

In our example, our first task was to spend 8 Forge Points.

Our second task requires to conquer a sector on the campaign menu – easily doable if there are still provinces left for you to conquer.

Forge of Empires Daily Challenges


Forge of Empires Daily Challenges

A third task requires us to spend 1500 Tavern Silver. We decided to buy an Attack Bonus to conquer for the Tavern Silver. We had to win 4 fights in a row. The first has already been won when we claimed the sector before.

It is also possible to win fights through the Guild Expedition, or you can attack your neighbors. Just make sure you win!

Personally, we prefer to win through the Guild Expedition as this provides additional benefits to us.

After the third victory in the Guild Expedition, we have completed the Tavern Silver objective and now only have one task remaining before we claim our reward!

The final task is a diligent but routine piece of work – complete 33 supply products of 15 minutes each.

This is done quickly using 9 production buildings.

The first daily reward is now available!

Click collect and you will gain your reward!

In our case, we got the Forge Points and not the Shrine of Knowledge 🙁

Forge of Empires Daily Challenges

The next day we again have the choice between two chests!

In our example, and on our second day, we were offered either a Champions Retreat or many unbound champions. However, we were more interested in the other chest as we already had enough champions.

This time we had 3 tasks.

We started with the 5 minutes supply production as they can run in the background while we defeat 40 units in the Guild Expedition.

Using 14 Forge Points isn’t difficult, and after completing all 55 supply productions of 5 minutes each, another daily challenge is complete!

Our reward was a One Up kit.

Forge of Empires Daily Challenges

Succeeding 7 days in a row in these Daily Challenges, means that you will be offered a chest with 3x the value of a daily chest. This is definitely worth a try.

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  1. If you have done all provinces like I have you will not get that in daily challenges. Any quest with that will just autocomplete that part, same with techs.

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