Forge of Empires Medals – The Definitive Guide To Obtaining More

Forge of Empires Tips is here to help all Forge of Empires players dominate the landscape. As such, we wanted to write a definitive Forge of Empires Medals Guide that outlines the best way to get medals and the strategies to do so.

Forge of Empires Medals

Forge of Empires Medals

But first, before we begin.

What Are Forge of Empires Medals In Forge Of Empires?

“The main purpose of Medals in FOE is to unlock Victory Expansions (city extensions).

The number of medals needed to unlock a Victory expansion increases with each expansion that has already been purchased.

The first one costs 10 medals, the second costs 50 medals, and so on” – FOE Wiki

Why Do You Need Medals In Forge Of Empires?

Generally, you need medals for four reasons:

  • Negotiating Level 4 of the Guild Expedition
  • Getting another turn in Guild Expedition
  • Victory Expansions
  • All Ages Guild vs Guild.

However, most players will have the greatest need for Victory Expansions and Negotiating Level 4.

How Do You Get Medals In Forge of Empires?

There are a number of ways and methods to get medals.

These include: Special Buildings (like the Terrace Farm), quest rewards (both recurring, side quest and story quests), Great Buildings (e.g. Colosseum), wishing wells and fountains of youth, incidents, PVP rewards, Continent Map rewards, Guild Expedition rewards, aiding rewards from Seed Vault and leveling Great Buildings.

It is also possible to get Medals from Victory Towers and the Shrine of Awe; however, these are not particularly great because they take so long and give so few.

Whilst they are not ideal, If you really need medals, having a Victory Tower can be helpful, the main benefit is that they only take one space.

Which Great Building Is Best For Medals?

If you are short on medals, one solution is to plant a Great Building to increase your medals.

The question is always which one. There are three that give daily medals: Colosseum, Deal Castle and the Gaea Statue.

However, and you may be surprised to read this, we do not recommend any of these if you really want victory and medals for expansions slots or for doing level 4 of the guild expedition. Lets explain why…


Forge of Empires Medals

Just looking through the Levels Table of the Colosseum, you will soon realise why the Colosseum does not provide enough bonuses:

At level 1, you are only getting 10 medals per day…. At level 15, you only get 51.

And the Colosseum takes up a lot of space, whilst the happiness boost is minimal. All in all, it is not ideal.

With a recurring Quest bonus, you will receive a lot more than 51!

Deal Castle

Forge of Empires Medals

The Deal Castle gives you a lot more than the Colosseum; for example, if you are playing GVG it will give you a boost if you are getting attacked a lot.

However, you are not getting a lot of medals. Unless you are really leveling it up, by the time you get to the Higher Ages, your recurring quest rewards will be way more than what is obtainable through the Deal Castle.

It will also prevent having a Great Building that is providing little value:

Gaea Statue

Forge of Empires Medals

The Gaea Statue is slightly better, and the best of the three. The Happiness it provides is pretty good, and the medals are also higher than the other two Great Buildings we mention above.

However, the Medals you receive are still not that great and at the higher ages, particularly the Arctic Future, if you time it right the recurring Quest Bonuses are far superior.

The Best Way To Get Medals In Forge Of Empires

So by now you are probably wondering if it isn’t the Colosseum, Deal Castle or the Gaea Statue, what is it? The answer my liege is the Arc and Chateau.

If you really want medals, your best options really are the Arc and Chateau. Your’e gonna really want to level these up!

The reason for our recommendations are clear:

If you were looking for medals for your final victory expansion which costs 580,000 medals, it would take:

1054 days for a level 10 Colosseum,

764 days for a level 10 Deal castle

527 days for a Gaea Statue.

This will take you years to get enough Medals!

The Chateau Frontenac and the Arc will get you the Medals you need a lot faster.

Chateau Frontenac

Forge of Empires Medals

The Chateau Frontenac has a multiplier bonus for when medals appear. You can get coins, supplies, and occasionally diamonds (especially on side and story quests), goods and medals.

At level 40, your Chateau Frontenac will provide 5,200 medals each time they come up. Depending on how often you do recurring quests, that can be 15,000 medals a day.

Even at lower levels, a level 15 Chateau at Iron Age can easily provide 200 medals a day depending on your city set up whilst also providing 100 goods.

That is huge space efficiency on the other three medal giving Great Buildings mentioned above!

The Arc

Forge of Empires Medals

The Arc gives you multipliers for medals for leveling other players’ Great Buildings. Depending on how often you do this, it can easily pay out a large number of medals.

Or it least, it can do this at a great space efficiency than the three medal giving Great Buildings when the FP multiplier is also considered.

Having a level 10 Arc, leveling another Players Arc from level 1 to 2 would return 267 medals.

This is around the same as a daily collection level 12 Colosseum, or level 7 Deal Castle.


So there you have it. Forge of Empires Tips recommends that you forgo the Colosseum, Deal Castle and Gaea Castle Special Buildings and instead opt and focus on the Chateau and the Arc. Be sure to level these up and you will be obtaining more medals in less time!

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