Forge of Empires Champions Guide

Forge of Empires Champions Guide

We’ve all heard about the champions in history, they were common in the cultures and societies of the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Romans. Often, they had special skills/traits and undertook heroic deeds which set them apart from the common citizen. If you need an example, just think of Achilles. In Forge of Empires Champions also exist.

This Forge of Empires Champions guide we will look at what Champions are, how champions effect your game, and the differences Champions will have depending on the age you are in. So without further ado lets get started.

Forge of Empires Champions

The Champion is a special military unit that was released during the 2014 Easter Event. These units have a variety of age-dependent bonuses and special abilities (FOE Wiki)

In Forge of Empires, Champions special skills and traits are represented by Chivalry

This is the property of each Champion in the game.

If the champion is the only unit with Chivalry, he will receive a bonus on attack and defense:

Forge of Empires Champions

Aside from this, Champions in Forge of Empires do not have much in common with those from Ancient History (Greece/Rome).

In times of war in Ancient History, individuals were idolized as champions for war propaganda and to improve the morale of the population and military.

In Forge of Empires, this is implemented by Call of Duty. This is a one time bonus, for all other units if the Champion dies:

Forge of Empires Champions

What is the real value of such bonuses?

Is The Champion A Useful Unit?

In Forge of Empires, until the Modern Era, the Champion is fast unit.

As such, it has the properties of fast units during this stage of the game. On top the Champion has bonuses that make him more powerful:

Please note: From the post-modern era, a Champion becomes a Heavy unity.

Forge of Empires Champions3

To enable the bonus Chivalry, the Champion must be the only unit with Chivalry in the team. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to include more than one Champion at a time in the unit if this bonus is important.

With this bonus, the Champion is between 8-40% stronger than a regular fast unit.

As seen in the table above, the bonus is very strong for Champions in the lower ages and not particularly relevant in higher ages.

Champions Across The Ages 

Forge of Empires Champions
Champions from Bronze Age to Late Middle Ages
Forge of Empires Champions
Champions from Colonial Age to Industrial Age
Champions from Progressive Era to Modern Era

In the Bronze Age, a Champion is a really strong unit compared to other units of that age.

In the higher ages, Champions are not much better than any other Fast Unit.

This changes completely in the Postmodern era, where a Champion becomes a Heavy Unit. Not only this, a champion doesn’t have the special effects like reactive armor or stealth technology.

In the Postmodern era, the properties of Champions are moderate

In the Contemporary era, Champions have barely noticed as the other eras’ unique units are incredibly strong.

Starting from the Tomorrow era, the Champion is a unit type on its own with more Range, better movement and better values for attack and defense.

Without Champions, Forge of Empires Tips would not have succeeded in winning all fights of level 4 of the Guild Expedition in the era Tomorrow.

Champions In Battle

Champions often are the first unit that may move. The computer often sends the Champion far away from its other units, and once he is killed by your attacking units, will grant a bonus on attack and defense to all of the computers other units.

This bonus grows from age to age, but the effect in higher ages is a lot less than in lower ages:

Forge of Empires Champions

Champions are available as unattached units.

These normally would be best for your City Defense but the AI moves these units so badly, that their value in the defense is much lower than in your attacking team.

When used intelligently, Champions can be a real difference.

If you have built a Champion retreat, your Alcatraz Great Building will also produce one or more Champion(s) every day as an attached unit.

Champions as attached units are from the Champion retreat.

For GVG, you can always use a couple of Champions from the previous age.

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