Get More Blueprints Faster & Easier Strategy

If you are looking for more Blueprints, easier and faster, without the need for diamonds then this Get More Blueprints Faster & Easier strategy is just for you.


Get More Blueprints Faster & Easier – The Strategy

Get More Blueprints Faster & Easier Strategy

If you have seen other players who have built great buildings very early in the game, then you are probably wondering if it is really possible…especially without using Diamonds.

The answer is, yes it is, you can build a statue of Zeus in the Bronze Age. Below, Forge of Empires Tips explain how you can get many blueprints very fast with neither wasting Forge Points nor diamonds for this.

It starts with what you are know well, use the button ‘Aid’. First your own guild, then friends, and finally the neighborhood. Each time you help you have a 2% chance to receive a blueprint. Sometimes this will happen soon. In other cases you may have to wait quite some time for it. And when you helped all these players you have to wait for the next day. Next day you may be thinking? No problem, there is a solution!

To do this, you will need to leave your current Guild.

On your server, look for another Guild, and look for one in which has as many members as possible. Additionally you will want to find a Guild that enables you to join immediately, rather than apply. Once found, join one of these new Guilds that meet these two criteria.

On our own game, we found a Guild that had 69 players. From here, we used the ‘Aid’ button; in which they would have benefited from themselves. Selfishly though, we had 69 x the 2% chance of receiving a blueprint.

After we help the last player, we then left the Guild and seeked another. We then moved onto a guild with 22 members in which we could then in turn Aid. Remember, and looking at our example, the more players you help, the more two percent chances you will have to receive a blueprint. So in our second guild we had 22 x 2% chance of receiving a blueprint. As such, the first guild was technically better.  Remember, this is a numbers game, whereby the guilds with more players are the best for this. Personally, we only join Guilds with more than 10 members; otherwise joining and leaving is too much effort for the end result.

However, it is important to note you may not be able to be this particular on all servers. Most of the powerful guilds have the setting “apply”.

With this strategy, be prepared to see some interesting Guild names! You may not even like some of those that would be beneficial to join.  Try not to discriminate whilst helping because the more players you help the more chances you have of obtaining those blueprints. Remember this is a numbers game and the strategy is simply to aid and leave. Rinse and repeat.

Its important to note, that if you leave a Guild, you will have to wait one week before you can join the same Guild again. If you do this with all available Guilds on the first day, you will have to wait a week to do it again.

Don’t feel guilty with this strategy, you are not doing harm to the Guilds you decide to join and leave. And whilst it may seem odd in the event Log, remember each member of the guilds you join is receiving your support. Its a win win situation.

One final advantage of this Get More Blueprints Faster & Easier strategy is that you will increase your coins during the process. When we started doing this we had 45,670 coins earned by Quests. 30 minutes later of doing this strategy in the Bronze Age, we had 68,185 coins. But most importantly were the 20 new blueprints that we received not counting doubles!

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