Forge of Empires Progressive Era

If you’re looking for a Forge of Empires Progressive Era Guide, then you will be glad you dropped by. We are going to outline some of the best tips and tactics so that you can succeed in the era.

Not only this, we will outline the strategies depending on the type of player that you are, whether you prefer to be a fighter or a tradesman.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Forge of Empires Progressive Era

Forge of Empires Progressive Era

The technology tree of the Progressive Era requires players to first develop all goods buildings. If you’re a fighter, it is especially important and you will need these goods to produce the most important military technologies: Armour Plating and Tracked Vehicles.

The related provinces with the necessary resource deposits can easily be conquered with units from the Industrial Age or be negotiated with goods from the Industrial Age.

But this will not speed up the advance in the technology tree.

We recommend you trade the required goods to develop tanks before you take the step into the Progressive era, enabling you to compete better in the guild expedition.

Armored cars and Tanks are the main military units of the Progressive Era. To develop these technologies, the following goods are required:

Goods From Previous Ages
– 100 Tar
– 180 Basalt

Oil Refining
– 110 Porcelain
– 100 Rubber

Goods From Progressive Era

– 50 Gasoline
– 60 Machine Parts

Armor Plating
– 150 Tin Plate
– 40 Gasoline

Tracked Vehicles
– 60 Explosives
– 110 Machine Parts

In Total
– 90 Gasoline
– 170 Machine Parts
– 60 Explosives
– 150 Tin Plate

Once the tracked vehicles are developed you will have as much time as you want to develop all remaining technologies.

Most fights of the Progressive Era rely mainly on heavy and fast units.

If you like to trade, you can plan your development completely different. You can spare out the technologies Automobiles,

Armor Plating, Tracked Vehicles and Scoped Rifles completely. This saves 268 forge points and you can develop these technologies in case you want to stay in an Era but a quest requires you to develop a technology.

If you are a fighter, you could do this as you conquer all provinces with units from the Industrial Age. You can then get new units in the Modern Era and speed through the Progressive.

We do not recommended this for the guild expedition, but it is a good method to speed through the Progressive Era and reach the Modern Era as fast as possible if this is your goal.

We do not recommend this because this approach has some disadvantages.

For future development, it will be much easier if you get a huge stock of goods in the Progressive Era.

Only those of you who have both, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and Royal Albert Hall, on level 10 or above (or those who want to keep the goods buildings of the Progressive Era until the Contemporary Era) will be able to pass the Contemporary Era without problems later.

This is because as then the goods from the Progressive Era will be required as unrefined goods to produce the refined goods of the Contemporary Era.

For all others, we highly recommend having a stock of at least 4,000 goods. This takes time but reduces stress later on.

For statistical purposes, we want to mention how many resources are required for all technologies of the Progressive Era.

Forge Points: 1,430
Coins: 514,111
Supplies: 2,026.111

Late Middle Ages: 180 basalt, 210 brass, 150 silk, 240 talk powder, 160 gun powder
Colonial Ages: 220 paper , 320 coffee, 250 wires , 380 porcelain, 320 tar
Industrial Age: 260 rubber, 180 coke, 230 textiles, 220 whale oil, 275 fertilizer
Progressive Age: 330 asbestos, 300 gasoline, 330 machine parts, 350 tinplate, 300 explosives

The number of required resources has grown a bit compared to the previous age, but this is a smaller increase than with previous ages.

You won’t feel this so much as buildings produce much more coins and supplies than before.

The Progressive Era is the last era that only needs coins and supplies to produce goods.

Those of you who want to remain longer in the Progressive Era can invest your forge points in the great buildings of that era as both are very popular among players.

Alcatraz is a must have for every fighter. The unattached units produced in this great building enable players to always have enough units for guild expedition and GVG with only a few military buildings.

There is a dedicated article for Alcatraz which you can access here.

As with all added ages players receive two expansions each from the technology tree, with diamonds, and from provinces.

While the expansions are in the lower part of the technology tree, the popular high-rises are in the upper part. Players have to set priorities what to research first.

The first technology of the Progressive Era introduces the two lane roads.

These result in a dramatic change of your city’s structure. We only can recommend to accept this change very early as it makes your gameplay much easier. Don’t try to make your way without them.

We always position the high-rises to the two lane streets in a way so that one tile behind them is empty.

As a temporary measure, we fill wasted space with watch fires and victory towers. This is not a must.

It would have been possible to start the road accordingly. But knowing that the residential buildings of the next ages have a length of 4 tiles it is good to consider this early.

The Forge of Empires Progressive Era provides a huge supply production, the cattle ranch. It takes more advantage than every other building from each motivation.

But for most players it is not a simple task to find a place for such a huge building. Therefore the smaller production buildings are more popular.

Electrical plants provide the required happiness for the population. Everybody understands this latest when there is a blackout.

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