Forge of Empires Modern Era

If you’re looking for a Forge of Empires Modern Era Guide, then you will be glad you dropped by. We are going to outline some of the best tips and tactics so that you can succeed in the era.

Not only this, we will outline the strategies depending on the type of player that you are, whether you prefer to be a fighter or a tradesman.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Forge of Empires Modern Era

Forge of Empires Modern Era

The Modern Era is the 10th age in Forge of Empires. As possible in previous ages, you can fill some technologies with Forge Points without moving to this age.

This way you can invest 244 Forge Points in preparation and save yourself time within the Modern Era.

In the technology tree of the Forge of Empires Modern Era, you can develop two types of roads: lane roads, and motorways (which provide happiness).

Two lane roads not only lead to a significant change of the city’s structure, they also provide much less happiness than the smaller streets.

As a result, the enthusiasm of your population is at risk if you replace many small streets with two lane roads. Using motorways is not a great alternative either.

Starting with the Modern Era, each new era will provide 1 expansion early in the technology tree, and one very late.

As new buildings are bigger than those of previous ages, you will need more space. Therefore the two expansions from the technology tree, the two expansions from the province map and the two extensions available for diamonds are needed urgently.

You can develop the good productions very early. It still only makes sense to produce those goods related to the resources you find on the province map.

But to get access to the other technologies you have to develop all good productions in the Modern Era.

Brand new to the Modern Era is the fact that you no longer need coins and supplies only to produce goods. On top you will need unrefined goods to produce the new refined goods.

Example: – The Concrete Plant uses Wires to produce Ferroconcrete.

On the province map you will not get new resources. Instead you get one more Bronze Age deposit and one from the Colonial Age.

Now you can produce yourself three out of five goods of these two ages, in case you cannot trade these goods enough in the market.

If you could only produce Paper and Coffee in the Colonial Age, you are likely to experience problems trying to trade these for other goods.

Then the new resource, e. g. Pine Wood for Tar, Kaolin Clay for Porcelain or Nickle Ore for Wires is very helpful.

Beside the required unrefined good, the good productions of the Modern Era need a related resource on the province map.

Without it, only one instead of five goods is produced every 4 hours. This resource is from the province map.

Example: – Concrete Plant requires Rock

You already have two such resources since the Bronze Age and you will get a third on the Modern Era province map.

You now can produce three different goods on your own. This makes sense as often the Bronze Age resource does not correspond to the Colonial Age goods that you can produce.

With an active market you will be able to compensate this easily. Otherwise you will have to produce much more by yourself.

If you own a great building like the Lighthouse of Alexandria or the Royal Albert Hall will notice that both buildings will not produce goods of the Modern Era.

Instead, they will deliver twice as many unrefined goods – which means goods of the Colonial Age. At the same time, you need many more goods for the technology tree than in the previous ages.

For all Modern Era technologies in the technology tree you need a total of 1,440 forge points. This is not much more than before in the Progressive Era. At least in this aspect, it is not making your life harder.

But the number of the coins and supplies required for the technology tree is doubled. Especially with supplies, it is common that you will have a shortage in the Modern Era.

Coins: 1.124.456

Supplies: 3.964.321 supplies

Forge Points: 1440 forge points, equivalent 60 day of 24 forge points/day

Goods from previous ages: (Colonial age, Industrial age and Progressive age)

As a result for the growing requirement for goods, you may be tempted to produce them (but this also uses supplies).

The new goods buildings use so much space in the city, that the supply production can easily be neglected.

The stock shrinks and suddenly it can be difficult.

We therefore recommends that you be aware of this and take preparation beforehand. A decent stock of supplies in the Modern Era is a great way to prepare for this.

Forge of Empires Modern Era Requirements

Before taking a step into the Modern Era, we recommend to check that the goods required for the technology tree are in your Inventory to avoid you getting stuck halfway.

These are goods from the Colonial Age, the Industrial Age and the Progressive Era (three previous ages).

Colonial Age

  • 40 Paper
  • 90 Coffee
  • 90 Porcelain
  • 90 Wire
  • 130 Tar

Industrial Age

  • 320 Coke
  • 300 Textiles
  • 430 Whale Oil
  • 160 Fertilizer
  • 130 Rubber

Progressive Era

  • 340 White Tin
  • 330 Explosives
  • 250 Asbestos
  • 380 Gasoline
  • 450 machine Parts

On top, we recommend to have a good stock of goods from the Colonial Age, as these are required as unrefined goods when you produce refined goods in the Modern Era.

In the Modern Era, having stock is a prerequisite for progressing in the era without delay. If you don’t have sufficient stock, you may need to build good productions of the Colonial Age.

For your research of technologies in the Modern Era many goods from this new era are needed:

  • 280 Packaging
  • 190 Flavorates
  • 330 Luxury Materials
  • 350 Convenience Food
  • 360 Ferroconcrete

As you need these goods very early in the technology tree, you can try to trade them at least partially before entering the Modern Era to speed up development.

Usually trading goods from one age to the next age in a relation of 1:2 is named ‘Fair Trade’. As Modern Era goods require unrefined goods to be produced, it is fair to ask for twice as many goods of the Progressive Era.

On the other side we recommend not to pay twice as much for goods of the following Postmodern Era, as their production is not that much more difficult.

The two great buildings of the Modern Era are the Space Needle and the Atomium. Both great buildings are for happiness – which is required in the era.

We do however, recommend that you consider your options before building either the Space Needle or the Atomium.

This is because, the happiness these buildings provide can be obtained without needing to spend Forge Points on them.

The second bonuse of the Space Needle is coins, which isnt really worthwhile. The second bonus of the Atomium is goods.

These bonuses can be achieved with the Arc – a great building of the Future era. Either wait for it, or use the Observatory in the meantime.

The Roller Derby Track is a research that you can ignore, and we recommend doing so. You may think that building one provides benefits (cultural building that requires small streets) but skipping it saves 108 Forge Points.

There is a quest from Fernikus in the Post-Modern Era, that you cannot complete without this research, but you can cancel this quest without causing problems.

Greva and Rinbin offer quests which sounds difficult at first. Greva asks you to collect 200 of each good in the Modern Era.

Afterward, Rinbin wants you to collect one of each good from all ages (Bronze through to Modern Era).

The important tip, is that creating these goods in the Market also completes the quest.

Greva offers 25 Diamonds and 100 Medals

Rinbin offers 1 coin and 111 Medals.

It is ultimately your decision as to whether the effort is worth the reward in completing these quests.

As the Tanks are quite far down the Modern Era technology tree, if you are a fighter you will want to try to complete the research as fast as possible to have good prerequisites for the Guild Expedition.

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