Forge of Empires Renovation Kits

In this Forge of Empires Renovation Kits Guide, we discuss what they are and how you can use these most effectively. So first…

What Are Renovation Kits?

Forge of Empires Renovation Kits

In FOE, you can use a Renovation Kit to upgrade one of your special buildings that you obtained in an earlier age, to your city’s current age. A Renovation kit can only be used once.

Renovation kits entered the game following the 2014 Easter Event, and has often arisen in later events. The Forge of Empires Wiki explains these in much more detail.

Forge of Empires Renovation Kits

The large number of events in Forge of Empires has increased the importance of Event Buildings quite dramatically.  As the game has progressed, buildings that were previously some of the best in the game have dropped to below average due to the addition of new ages/eras.

With the Renovation kit, event buildings can be upgraded instantly to the city’s current age, enabling you to maximize the building for a lot longer.

Renovation kits will always bring your buildings to your city’s current age, regardless of what age/era the building was based from before.

Alongside the Renovation Kits, which are similar in terms of practical use, are the Plus-1-Kits.

Plus-1 Kits advance your event buildings to the next age/era that you are currently in. However there is one caveat with the P1 Kit, they can never exceed your city’s current age.

At Forge of Empires Tips, we are always on the lookout for the best use of renovation kits. Here are our recommendations:

Poor Use of Renovation Kits

First of, we heavily recommend that you refrain from using Renovation Kits for event buildings that you use for Forge Point production only.

This is because in the new age they will still produce the same number of Forge Points. Therefore you will have effectively wasted your kit.

A Shrine of Knowledge would provide you with more coins, but the premium currency Forge Point does not change after renovation.

Bringing a Forge Point building to a higher age/era can even be a disadvantage in some contexts. This is because some event buildings require more population after renovation. An example of this is with Terrace Farms.

The only advantage of upgrading a Terrace Farm is the ability to receive some more ranking points, but ultimately, these will not really help your city.

Similarly , buildings with fighting bonus (both attack and city defense), are also not great use for renovation kits. Whilst you can expect to see your attack/defense bonus grow in some ages, a single % bonus increase (which you will likely receive) not worth a renovation kit.

Remember, Renovation Kits are very valuable and should be used wisely.

Best Use of Renovation Kits

If you are in the lower ages, the there is no ideal target for your renovation kits. Instead, we advise you do not use them at all.

Instead, in the lower ages, we advise that you collect renovation kits, and store them in your inventory. These will be important in the Modern Era and above.

With the Modern Era, event buildings start to become very important for producing goods. However, once you advance beyond the era, your event buildings will produces the same level of goods as in the lower ages!

Therefore, we suggest that after the modern era, event buildings used for good production should be renovated.

You’ll notice that as the game progresses, suddenly you will have a shortage of renovation kits.

After advancing to a new era, particularly the Postmodern Era and above, it is popular to renovate a Champion Retreat immediately after entering the new era. This way, the Alcatraz can start to produce heavy units immediately.

Its important to remember and to note that upgrade kits have the same effect as renovation kits.

If you advance to a new Era after an event, we recommend that you wait for the final upgrade until you reach the new Era. Of course this also works well with ‘The Ship’.

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